Supermarket Boxers

Maybe it was the lack of baskets. Or a shortage of that 99¢ pan dulce. Of course its possible they had some long standing beef that couldn’t wait to get resolved. All I know is that when I walked into the store the shaved head dude receiving blows in this photo was walking in as well, right in front of me with his lady friend. I picked up some half & half for my coffee tomorrow and a six-pack to enjoy today. In less than the 2 minutes it probably took for me to get in line there was a fight going on.

But it was two rucas throwing the fists and pulling hair. They stopped for a bit to exchange insults:

“You fat bitch!” sez the girl with the tattoos.

“Is that all you have? I just beat you down!” answers the other, making a good point.

It looked like they were all going to stop, gather their thoughts and senses, and go their separate ways. But tough guys and gals never want to back down so it was round two, and I happened to be in the right checkout line to snap a few quick pics. If you follow the arrow you’ll catch a glimpse of the other fight in phase two as well.

Dented cans of Yuban coffee, bloodied loaves of bread, and a security guard that has the sense to mind his own business, lest he fall under a rain of blows from some strangers pleito. But look over to the right, some random Good Samaritans are holding up the bread display that almost toppled over. Looking out for the poor workers that will have to clean it up!

“We are calling the cops.” Time to split, the 4 of them leave in a hurry, nobody got to redeem their coupons.

Its too easy to get into a fight. The hard part is staying out of them.


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10 Responses to Supermarket Boxers

  1. Estefany says:

    Hilarious anti-spam word!

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now but never left a comment. I laughed out loud when I read this today. Gracias.

  2. moon says:

    Clean-up on aisle six! Maybe it was just a lil performance art, maybe not.

  3. RobThomas says:

    Love the security guard just watching. Saw two guys fighting in the middle of a main street during 5 o clock traffic, in a good part of San Diego last month. Never mind the kids. Think we might have to ban video games for adults.

  4. Rolo says:

    hahaha i love how people just casually stand and watch.

  5. Will Campbell says:

    Finally! A security guard doing his job: observing and reporting. Give that fellow a raise. So many of them ignorantly and belligerently overstep their bounds these days and either violate someone’s rights or get hurt trying to mediate something they shouldn’t.

  6. sacate my anti-spam word

    this pleito was better than those pay per view *fixed* fights!!!

    did everyone break into applause afterwards?

  7. Che says:

    Is it just me or is the security guy smiling? “CLASSIC!”

  8. sc says:

    Poor coffee cans! Which Smart n Final is this? I’ve seen that security guard before at the USC location. Do they rotate security guards around?

  9. EL CHAVO! says:

    This is the one in Lincoln Heights, where I haven’t seen that gaurd since.

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