Huevos Rancheros: Antigua Bread

My breakfast this past Sunday. I was wavering, not sure if I should try HR’s at a Central American themed eatery, plus the platano sounded like a good option. But I am always up for a gamble so alas I choose the road often travelled. I shoulda stayed home.

The rice is not good, either it was old or they flavor it with socks. They don’t do the pinto beans very well either. Oddly, they had a nicely fried tortilla underneath the decent eggs. Unfortunately those eggs were topped with that bland pre-grated cheese you get at supermarkets, at least they weren’t smothered. But the orange sauce was some watery and vinegary Tabasco-like excuse for a salsa ranchera with hardly any hint of spice, flavor, depth or overall usefulness. Boring food is not worth eating.

Their drip coffee is that weak stuff that I don’t prefer, but it does the job. They have a Chapin sandwich that is quite good, and which I can wholeheartedly recommend. I do plan to come back for that breakfast platano dish.


Antigua Bread   323.276.7820
5597 Huntington Drive North
El Sereno, CA 90032  (website is currently useless)

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2 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Antigua Bread

  1. Huitzli says:

    Eso! Huevos rancheros de Nueva Yerse con cafe de Ohio! Que mas quisieras?

  2. Mooncrazy says:

    Where do they get those socks as the new little Taco place near me must use them, too. Their taquitos were quite good, the salsa decent but the rice and beans, please don’t bother.

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