Teriyaki Tacos

Teriyucky Tacos

Oh Pete’s Patio, how we miss you. When it got sold, the great and popular 2 dollar breakfast was gone, the quality of the food did not survive the transition, and I stopped going. Now it’s become DJ’s which I’ve yet to sample but I make it a personal code to never, ever, never (again) eat at a place that sells burritos AND teriyaki. Case closed. Done and done. It’s not a crowd pleaser like peanut butter and chocolate, nor is it intriguing like chinese food and donuts, and it’s a far cry from the perfection of fruit with chile y limon. If those two good-on-their-own foods get near each other, watch the fuck out! I once ordered a regular burrito (back in my non-veggie days a long time ago) and unbenownst to me, they ‘spiced’ it up with some teriyaki concoction. What was it like? It was a trainwreck in my mouth, injured taste buds gasping for life while the dead ones cluttered the senses and made rescue impossible. A side of dirt might have worked wonders but restaurants are slow to catch on. The fact that DJ’s has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR signs for Teriyaki has me quite convinced I’ll be avoiding this eatery for some time. Maybe I’ll even walk on the other side of the street.

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  1. alienation says:

    lolz. back when jas owned these stands, i’m sure the teri was fine. now… they should maybe add something they know, and drop the ones they don’t. like, i’m seeing some salvadorean people adding black beans and rice to the menus. yay! i really appreciate that (more than teri, which i can’t eat anymore).

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