Destroy Capitalism


Does anyone know…


…where I might…


…be able to buy one of these?

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6 Responses to Destroy Capitalism

  1. don quixote says:

    Capitalism is doing a great job of destroying itself through it’s natural tendency towards avarice and monopoly, good riddance! Curious shirt though, probably produced in Bangladesh my Abercrombie and Fitch or some other Capitalist pig.

  2. …and the replacement would be? Last I checked, it was only capitalism that allowed hippies to post on blogs from their apple laptops while sipping on coffee at the local coffe shop and romanticize about a life without capitalism.

    In any other society, you’d be just like the farmer of your ancestors (and I say this as the child of farmers).

  3. EL CHAVO! says:

    Man, you told me! I had no idea this was the best possible world, wish I had some creative abilities to think my way out of this conundrum you’ve presented!

  4. Khanh Ho says:

    I guess the jacket works because of its paradox: a commercial object that commands the end to the very system that fabricated it. It reminds me of a cashmere Che Guevara sweater I saw once…at a fancy department store…

  5. LAMapNerd says:

    There’s a Banksy for this


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