All Eyes On Grand Avenue


The shrine to a rich man called “The Broad” (I thought we called them dames these days?) is nearing its completion and it thinks it has “All Eyes” on it. Teary eyes. Bulging eyes. Skeptical eyes. Maybe. I just keep looking at it cuz it looks like a grand homage to a big bowl of Menudo.


I mean, kinda no?


The PR folks keep talking about the “Veil” that is gonna wrap around this giant concrete and metal block. They should get with the times and just call it locally sourced “Tripe.”


It seems kinda odd to make that expensive monument to yourself look like a cow stomach. Like yer just some hick from the Rancho. I suggest they paint it red to make it Spicy! Menudo Bowl Sundays! Free Entry!


If you check out this link here you can see they have a whole stomach design influence going on, it is kinda cool! MOOOOOO!!


Looking forward to the 2nd stomach. Them rich folks sure know how to make us savor that art.

Mas tortillas por fas!

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  1. cwm says:

    I’ve always wanted to be in a building with an interior that resembles a lower intestine. Classy.

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