Is Jessica’s Closed?


It’s kinda hard to tell since it has seemed half-closed, half-open-for-business for years. But maybe it is down for the count, according to this latest of only four Yelp reviews.  Let us look back at the one time I ate their Tortitas de Camaron, over a decade ago. Ahh, such mediocre memories! QEPD.

I’m going to watch this place and see what happens. Will it turn into a displacing outlet that caters to the recreational needs of the small but monied ranks of newly arrived westsiders? Or will it hold the line on LH gentrification and offer us some boring but practical resource for everyone in the neighborhood? Realtors keep trying to sell LH as “up and coming” but the reality on the ground seems to repeatedly prove them wrong. Let us all cast a spell and repeat the chant: “Lincoln Heights Shall Remain the Finest 99 cent district in our City! Investors and Speculators Will Lose All Their Money, Except for their Last 99 cents!” I saw this tagged on a wall at the Bi-Rite a few months ago, so Ima run with it.


BTW, If you want “popusas” the fancy Glass place they renovated a few years ago across the street near the five points, the one that is now some sort of evangelical church, hosts a sidewalk stand where they sell food items on weekends. Yer Welcome.

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