BREAKING! Smart & Final Has Carts Again!

Shopping can resume.

If you’ve been to our local LH S&F in the past few weeks you may have noticed they only had about 10 carts or so available for shoppers. No big deal if you are just picking up an item or two, but quite the hassle if you are stocking up on a bunch of stuff or just some heavy items. People were hanging out in the parking area hoping to catch someone that was about to finish with their cart. “Ya acabo con su carrito?” Well it looks like those days are on pause for now as they finally have a fresh batch of shopping carts for your carrying pleasure. Why we had to put up with this scarcity is beyond me, but it’s happened before. I guess since we are still not a neighborhood of let-me-speak-to-your-manager Karens (at least not yet!) they must find it easy to let the working poor suffer a bit. That’s messed up. Someone ought to speak to the manager…

Enjoy your hands free shopping experience while it lasts!

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