Huevo Bomb


Rather than the odd and unpredictable weather we’ve had as of late (surely some subtle warning about the dreaded warming) today was a day you’d expect in May: warm and sunny. The streets were filled with people in LH, I saw at least 6 ice cream trucks driving around the streets, 3 paleteros, 2 fruteros, 2 eloteros, and everyone was lining up to get a snack. There were kids racing on bikes, families eating on porches, older women tending to gardens, and young boys up to the usual antics. On this wonderful day some fools attempted to ruin my mood by trying to egg me: the photo above is proof you missed, cabrones!

Hmm, sure feels like I’m snapping lots of pics of sidewalks lately, I guess that’s why they say the action is in the streets!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Next time you won’t be so lucky!

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