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Old Pictures

I pulled out a camera I rarely use these days to take along on a field trip, and was later surprised by the fact I had some two year old photos that I had forgotten about. Shit photos, as usual, … Continue reading

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Skater Contradictions

Los Angeles is full of shit. It pretends to be something it ain’t. It wants cred for doing supposedly cool things, when in fact it can’t stand the actual practice of people doing cool things. Take for example this scene … Continue reading

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LH Carnival This Weekend

Turns out there is a street carnival happening this weekend, right on our beloved N. Broadway! Just in time to cheer everyone up from the depressing and repressive future to come under Il Duce Anaranjado. I got there too early … Continue reading

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Social Citation

When you Facebook so hard…

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Day of The Dead…Is Dead

Let us give the last rites to a cultural tradition that has slipped away from us. I’m old enough to remember when Dia de Muertos practices started to cross over into the American mainstream culture. Some optimistic Chicanos thought it … Continue reading

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Huevos Rancheros: Bunker Hill Bar & Grill

Most Downtown spots seem geared for the 9-5 weekday crowd, cuz there’s lots of working stiffs up in them tall buildings. Come the weekend, there’s hardly any place to eat, much less so if yer trying to avoid the Tourist … Continue reading

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