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Huevos Rancheros: Boulder Edition

My plans for Colorado were craft beer, vegetarian biscuits and gravy, maybe some huevos rancheros IF I found a Mexican place I wanted to try. (I’m on vacation, I don’t need the stress.) We came to Leaf for the biscuits … Continue reading

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Hobo Signs

There’s a long tradition of hobos leaving secret signs to other travelers so as to warn of dangers or guide them to a resource. This one seems to be coded in plain language but hiding some other significance. I wonder … Continue reading

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Apartment Mushrooms

Capitalist Fungus.

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Huevos Rancheros: Yahaira’s Cafe

This isn’t actually a Huevos Rancheros review. Technically, this dish does not qualify. But as the referee of this shitty blog, I’m gonna let this one through. Maybe with a yellow card for faking it. But here it is – … Continue reading

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Sad Man Seeks Identity

Found it!

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LH Today

Well, mostly today. Or recently. Whatever. My walks around Good Ol’ Lincoln Heights seem to be less frequent. I tend to blame the 40 hr work week, but maybe I also have less of a need or inclination. For awhile … Continue reading

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