Never Feel Bad About Your Cooking


I usually try to improve my cooking skills, I am not always successful. I still cannot make an amazing omelette like Jacques Pepin, but I no longer feel bad about it. After seeing this amazingly bad way to make a quesadilla, I feel more at peace with the world. He doesn’t seem to care that he uses a shitty looking tortilla de harina, some months-old jar of “hot salsa”, shredded Vons cheddar cheese (trust, I know!), and some canned corn for his oily ass lunch. So why should any of us get upset about some recipe not coming out perfect? We all have our own skills that make our lives unique, maybe interesting, hopefully better. But Jacques, a world famous chef with incredible talents, has none for making quesadillers. And that in itself is a point of relief, an exhaling, a sense that we are all on the right track.

Happy Cooking!

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