Cooking with EL CHAVO! : Verdolagas

I suppose going out for another gigantic moon of greasy, bready Costco pizza is an option for tonight’s dinner, but you’ve already done that, so-many-times. Don’t you think maybe it’s time to figure out how to feed yourself, with real food? Like with stuff from the food market instead? I do. So here goes another one of my crappy recipes, an easy and quick one that anyone can follow, and it turns out quite nicely as well.

I know more than a few people that claim they can’t cook and act like it’s okay to subsist on eating out. Well, it ain’t. You need to get your act together and learn some basics in life, don’t assume you’ll always have that drive-thru available at all hours. Do you really want to pass the rest of your years subsisting on frozen dishes from Trader Joe’s, just because it’s easy? All those years of culinary and cultural history passed down thru so many relatives and you decide to squander it for some microwave delight, que lastima. And don’t blame it on your mom for your lack of paying attention in the kitchen, I learned how to put some simple dishes together on my own, in my teens, cuz I was tired of having to eat more boiled Lengua when I’d already told my mom I was a good-for-nothing vegetarian. To show you that anyone can learn to cook something new, follow along as I prepare a simple meal with verdolagas (aka purslane) which I never tried until just a few weeks ago.

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53 Responses to Cooking with EL CHAVO! : Verdolagas

  1. Ron Kovatch says:

    I am eager to try the verdolagas. I live in Tucson and my neighborhood group is going on a walk tomorrow to see what grows in the arroyos and yards that we can eat. Verdolagas is on our list among nopales and tunas.
    I like everything about your website as we think similarly about hand painted signage, political and social issues, etc. Keep up the good work.

  2. And you don’t even need to buy them! Come to my garden and pick them for free!

  3. Rios says:

    THANK YOU Mucho Gracias. I told my wife about them (wear-ra). My grandmother would make my dad stop the car, after driving around after Mass, when she would spot them growing in an irrigation ditch. She would make it as a soup. Adding a can of evaporated milk and longhorn cheese instead of the queso fresco. I recall it tasting like potato soup. I knew it was regarded as a weed, but after having it once, I was eager to help grandma pull them out of the ditches. My wife will go crazy trying to find, and plant some, now that she knows to look for purslane.

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