Veggie Taco Party this Sunday! You Coming?

Remember when I told you all that I had a lil’ bit of cash I wanted to get rid of? Well, I’ve decided to use it to help fund a get together backyard party, complete with vegan tacos from Así Soy Tacos, maybe a few drinks, and who knows what else, all for free! And guess what, you’re invited! Yup, you. It’s a big back yard somewhere in the Echo Park area, perfect for an afternoon of beer, veggie tacos, music, maybe a piñata, and hopefully some chatting with some of you readers. But if you just want to come by to pick up a plate of delicious vegetarian tacos and scamper on to your next destination, that’s cool too. I don’t want to post the address here, so if you’re interested in coming by, say so in the comments and use an email at which I can send you the info, or use the contact page instead.

C’mon, how could you resist Free Veggie Tacos?

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21 Responses to Veggie Taco Party this Sunday! You Coming?

  1. Annika says:

    There’s a chance we’ll be out of town, but if we’re here I’d love to come by and meet you!

  2. artnoose says:

    If I was still in the Bay, I’d organize a mini contingent to drive all night to the party. For vegan tacos. And to see y’all of course.

  3. tin says:

    i would love to stop by and try them, but i am all the way in san jo. good luck and gracias for inviting all the readers.

  4. rolo says:

    im in hommie, what chu want me to bring?

  5. Dona Junta says:

    how do we know who you are? lol

  6. Jenn says:

    is it going to be like a veggie taco masquerade party!!! should we come in costume…..

  7. Jesus Quiroz says:

    Wish I could make it; I’ll be there in spirit.

  8. pitbullgirl says:

    I am there! I will probably put away about a dozen tacos. Being vegan, I’m so used to never having anything to eat at parties.

    Btw, thanks for the tip about the El Dorado factory. I went there today and got 90 tortillas for $1.99, they’re really good too!

  9. Chale I have the day off from work and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to meet the faces behind the blogs over some tacos and cervesas on a hot summer day. Ain’t no party like an laeastside party

  10. Edraid says:

    why the hell not..

  11. cindylu says:

    I’m supposed to have a meeting in Oxnard at 1. Maybe it’ll be done in time to make the tail end of the tardeada? When will it be over? Or more important, when will the tacos be gone?

  12. la rebelde says:

    sorry i’m going to miss it! i’m going home to Burque this weekend. looking forward to your synopsis post!

  13. browne says:

    “is it going to be like a veggie taco masquerade party!!! should we come in costume…..”Jenn

    that’s a great idea!!!

  14. monica says:

    Can you airmail me the tacos?;)

  15. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ai les voy!

    I hope you make it out, it’d be a pleasure to meet you!

    Ahh, you’re nice. One of these days things will align so that we can meet up again around a camp stove cooking up the vegan tacos!

    Good to see you’re back in the states, I guess you’re a bit closer now, eh?

    Lo que quieras.

    Dona Junta,
    I have dark colored hair. 😉

    Come as you want. But don’t come dressed as a tortilla, people might want to tear off a piece and dunk you in salsa!

    I hope you at least do something fun down in Laredo. Hasta Sometime.

    A dozen tacos!?! I better start organizing for a tortilla run!

    El Random Hero,
    There’s quite a few people coming and it should be fun! An Eastside party over on not-the-eastside, how odd is that?

    All signs point to yes!

    Though the end is officially around 6pm, I’m pretty sure it’ll go on much later than that. And I think the tacos are going to last as well. Luego te mando mi cell, pa que llames por tu pedido. 😉

    la rebelde,
    Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. I better take some pics.

    But how will we recognize you if you’re dressed like a food item?

    I couldn’t afford the airmail so I sent it donkey express. It should be there in 6-8 weeks, make sure to wipe off the green fuzz before consumption. 🙂

    And for the rest of you, if you want the info, say so now! I’m gonna be busy starting tomorrow and will mostly be offline. Don’t miss out!

  16. Abbi says:

    Sorry I missed it!

  17. Gina Latina says:

    I’ve followed your entertaining blog for months, but this is my first comment….WOW.

    I am truly impressed with your ability to bring us together virtually, through our common culture food, etc. But now, to do a ‘live’ event in the name of community? It brings a tear to the eye. You’re truly doing a great thing here.

    Next time, I may have to coordinate an 800 mile road trip to you!

  18. EL CHAVO! says:

    Thanks for stopping by Gina! This party from last summer went of well, and we are doing one again in 2 weeks. If you’re in the neighborhood, let me know! 😉

  19. Abrilita says:

    I just realized that I’m a year and a month too late. Have another one, in Highland Parke, si o si?

  20. Gina Latina says:

    Well, it’s July again. And it just so happens I’ll be in LA, visiting from SF, next Sat Jul 31…2010!

    Let me know if this has become an annual event.

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