Taco Party Goes On As Planned!

(pic by Cuong Phu Trinh)

Thanks to everyone that came out to the lil’ veggie taco party, it was fun meeting lots of new faces and great to run into some familiar ones as well. We should do it again some time! ūüėČ

Unfortunately, I was a bit busy and enjoying the party so I took very few pics, but click ahead if you want to see a bit of what you missed.

Another great close up photo by Cuong of the veggie tacos.

Choppin’ Action!

Grillin’ Action! (Err, well there was.)

Dancin’ Action!

Hasta la Proxima! EL CHAVO!

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8 Responses to Taco Party Goes On As Planned!

  1. Annika says:

    YUM! So sorry we didn’t make it.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yes, we should do it again soon.

  3. damn cough. looks like i missed a great one. them there tacos look mighty tasty.

  4. la rebelde says:

    dang, the grub looks like it was good! i’m sorry i missed it.

  5. tin says:

    damn, that looks delicious, are those potatoes?

  6. La Claudia says:

    The veggie Taco party was Delicious…It was great meeting you and had a great food, great people, great family stories-good times.

    I feel like part of the Family.

  7. rolo says:

    Was this an anniversary as well? i got lost, i was walking around with a 24 pack like a dumb ass so we decided to go to the nearest taco joint and drink there lol. damn it, i think i saw you chavo but not sure. do you drive a grey car?

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