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Three Clowns

For your entertainment. Here is one. See if you can spot the one in this picture. The last one. Fin.    

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Classic Borachito

The quality of your average sidewalk winitos has been slipping. Nowadays they’re more likely to be covered in filth, angry that you don’t give them spare change, possibly fighting with other winos for drink, money, food, or some other unknown … Continue reading

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Bus Driver Without a Bus – In Shorts

I guess he had the day off. You know, from not driving a bus.  

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The Bus Driver Without A Bus

There’s this one character in the neighborhood, a man that is always in a bus driver uniform, but whom I have never actually seen on a bus. Neither driving or riding. On a previous post Kika mentioned some info about … Continue reading

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Mr Office: Another Angle

Mr. Office hanging out at the Carbon Credit Shack by the Big Saver. I was making a left when I noticed him there. Hold the fuck up traffic behind me, I have to take a picture! A different view of … Continue reading

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2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Workman

Click here if this doesn’t show up on your rss feed. Two random minutes of action on a Saturday afternoon in Lincoln Heights, on the corner of N. Broadway and Workman. I deliver what I promise. Why? Why not.

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