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Doblajes de Trino

It’s amazing how quickly the internet can connect you to things you had no idea even existed. Check out this trajectory I happened upon today: Bandini of The GreatTaco Hunt writes a post about a taco truck in Eagle Rock … Continue reading

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Un Regalito

Hey you, Christmas holiday season, I’m so glad you’re about done. Just a few more hours to go before that meaningless act of rote consumption gets buried away for another year, when you’ll be nothing more than some extra digits … Continue reading

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Estoopid Dish

The are multiple reasons why the current social order should be abolished: from the refusal to submit to authoritarian rule, to a practical reasoning that environmental destruction is bad for self-preservation, maybe a deep visceral hatred of wage-slavery, even the … Continue reading

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Wifi at LH Library

Just noticed that the LH library is offering free Wifi internet access, that’s a good idea! I have to go try it out and see how it works but it seems you just start your laptop with DHCP enabled (meaning … Continue reading

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How to Copy a dvd on Gentoo

Yes, I use Gentoo linux (freely available at which, though it might be a bit complicated, is ultimately a very good and flexible OS. You can run it on a really old crap computer for just a few services, … Continue reading

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