Doblajes de Trino

It’s amazing how quickly the internet can connect you to things you had no idea even existed. Check out this trajectory I happened upon today:
Bandini of The GreatTaco Hunt writes a post about a taco truck in Eagle Rock that has a veggie taco on the menu. Interesting. And they even have a myspace page. Scrolling down thru the comments, one of their friends embeds a hilarious video clip détournement of the sci-fi tv show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea only this reworking is focused on themes of homosexuality, janitors that are tired of cleaning up shit, a werewolf that needs to take a crap, and finally a message to use condoms to help fight aids, and all of it in Spanish. Lots of sick jokes later, and non-stop laughter on my part, I do a search to figure out who the hell is responsible for this tasteless but hilarious video. Turns out this and other clips were part of the Mexican tv show Blanco y Negro, where Trino, now known for many of his comic strip characters, did lots of reworkings of old video clips.

There’s a few of them on youtube, many of them dealing with sexual themes. Here’s the second part to the one above:

Totally silly, but I love the ridiculous sound effects!

This one has some of the cast of El Chavo del Ocho warning kids to not get stuck with someone with a small penis, but to wait for the big one! This video clip is totally fucked up, but again, hilarious!

Notice a theme here? This one suggests 10 better ways to beat your kid, rather than just an old styled chingadazo. Lavar y planchar los condones, que asco!

Semen as a detergent. Chaka, chaka.

You get the idea. Trino even does a comic called Don Taquero, based on the life of a taco vendor. My copy is now on order.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I just thought some of you might find these twisted videos as funny as I did.

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3 Responses to Doblajes de Trino

  1. Diego says:

    tu tu tutitu tu tu tutitu TU TU TUTITU TU TU TUTITU TU TU TUTITU TUTU TUTITATATAUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting something this hilarious.

  2. chimatli says:

    I know, those tu ti tus are hard to get out of your head!

  3. Bob says:

    Well, after my extended stay in Europe and being in a position of not speaking the dominant language and experiencing what that felt like on a daily basis I decided that upon coming back home that I would finally take up the task of learning some Espanol, no mas excuses! I figured I’d employ a multi-pronged approach: Spanish language TV, computer training software, Spanish speaking friends and neighbors and possibly a formal class or two. When I saw this post I thought of the TV technique. But I’m not sure if these clips will complicate my learning or not! I suppose it can’t hurt. Plus there’s a lot of incentive. I was laughing pretty hard watching them though. I can’t possibly imagine how the original could have rationalized lycanthropy into the story line, especially by sticking your hand into a microwave oven! But Trino trumps them by having the werewolf sing “In a Gadda Da Vida” into the submarine’s public address system. Of fuck, that is funny stuff in any language. I especially liked the low tech sound effects. Viva “tu ti tus”!

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