LH X-mas Parade 2008

You all thought I’d forgotten, eh? Nah, I’ve just been a tad busy. So yeah, it’s more than a week late but I had too many pictures to pick from, too many to process, very little time to spend, and not enough wisdom to edit this post down to a more appropriate size. Thus, I give you close to 100 picutres of the Lincoln Heights Xmas parade! Oof, que desmadre. Sorry about that. But I figure at this time of night on a X-mas Eve you’ve already had all the tamales and buñuelos you can stomach, finally got tired of the work stories from your Tio that’s just a tad into borracho territory, and can’t make it thru another hour of christmas programs on TV. But you don’t want to leave the party just yet, you just need to kill some time until midnight. Well as a gift to you trapped-with-the-family readers, I submit this long boring post about the LH X-mas parade, which will help to kill some time but might actually increase the boredom. Oh well. You can send me those thank you cards later! 🙂

Listo? Siganme los aburidos!

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9 Responses to LH X-mas Parade 2008

  1. chimatli says:

    “Hmm, maybe if I introduced the two over a bottle of wine we could have a wonderful new mix of creature! A Ligle? An Eaion? Nah, lets just call it Dorky, the ridiculous Zoo disaster!”

    hehehe! you need to be a marketing director.

  2. mooch says:

    this post was hilarious…the ranchero crossing the street almost made me pee my pants!

  3. human says:

    holy s#!t, i died laughing at your caption for the first pic of the carl’s jr star.

    i was wondering where the ufo went. i hadn’t seen it in its usual spot on my morning gold-line ride in a week or two.

  4. browne says:

    I liked the one with Olmos car breaking down in front of Autozone…hehe…

  5. ubrayj02 says:

    You missed the Wells Fargo wagon! Those horses left gigantic steaming piles of you know what all up and down Lincoln Park Av. by my house.

  6. Your commentary was better than anything on TV. I went through every picture. I like the way you capture life.

  7. Dlaine says:

    Hello, Colorado here, came across your page, and truely enjoy what I’ve read and seen. I just started my own, so stop by my page sometime.

  8. crunchyfrog says:

    thank you for posting all of it and the wonderful commentary!
    i missed it. had to be good daughter and stay a few days at mom’s.
    i love your blog.

  9. bello says:

    funny shit. i like your mello, cheech-like, chicano intellect bite. keep it up

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