Huevos Rancheros: Mitla Cafe


This is gonna be a quick one. I happened to be out in San Bernardino and in need of breakfast/lunch, so I just followed the roads waiting for a decision. These random driving experiences are kinda awesome in that you have the time to look for a place to eat, choosing randomly on whatever odd variants happen to seem appropriate. This sign seemed intriguing, might as well get a taste of the regional HR’s.


This place was a throwback to another era, some might call it homey, I just call it the manteca era. The chips smelled lardy and were glistening with fat, and that sheen never dissipated. Kinda weird. The salsa was nice but I decided to lay off the chips after a few samples.  Oh boy, what should I expect next?

Because of certain variables I’d already noticed, I decided to ask if the Huevos Rancheros come with meat on them. They do (I knew it!) so I asked if they could make them without. Of course, they claimed. Cool, I tought. But the misgivings persisted.


When I first got my HR’s, it had huge chunks of pork on top. Ugh. The waiter noticed that I was hesitating and remembered that I didn’t want that, so he took it away. A few minutes later, my plate arrived looking just like the previous one only without the chunks and with food remains lingering on the edge of the plate, tell-tale signs that they just scraped the chunks off the dish. Wrong! But I’m not a complainer, I’m adjusted to the idea of things not going my ideal way. Many people have tried to school me into demanding a certain level of customer service but that’s just not me. It’s a cultural thing, they wouldn’t understand. Fuck it, breakfast is served.

The so-called papas on the menu turned out to be french fries, which is technically correct but a damn lie nonetheless. The beans: sadly lardy. The HR’s were oily but not lardy. The red sauce was tomatoey and predictable, and NO TORTILLA underneath the eggs, the one variant that defines the dish. This place was Chicano food through and through, hitting all the notes but at all the wrong places. I ain’t coming back, no doubt about it. But the place seems to be popular with the locals.

Sometimes, the locals are wrong.

602 North Mount Vernon Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92411
Phone: (909) 888-0460

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14 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Mitla Cafe

  1. crunchyfrog says:

    that does not look vegetarian appealing at all.
    you are a good sport. i might have felt too awkward to send it back, but i couldn’t have eaten it.

  2. That sucks and not in a good way..seriously french fries and that looks way too wet. They need to remove the “REAL” from their sign outside.
    Im sorry but the locals must all be drunk or hung over to eat that.

    Thanks for taking one for us readers.

  3. JVelente says:

    Don’t deceive yourself slim. People in Europe don’t drink diet soda – you know why – if they want to lose weight they just don’t drink sugary crap. People who claim to be vegatarians are eating 100% of the food derived from animals. There’s the lard in the beans, the eggs from a bird, cheese from a cow, etc. You little punk who never knew the basis for these meals don’t have the history down to be flappin your gums and running your slack jaw. These meals were amped up on oil so as to stick to the stomach and prepare you for a day in the fields (picking crops to you spoiled wanna bees). Certainly we have moved from an agrarian society but I find the food excellent. A bit on the rich side but every now and then I will have an order of Huevos Rancheros before I tackle a huge project at home. What little pencil necks like you don’t know is they will put a corn tortilla under the eggs – if you are a local and if you ask. Stay in LA and pretend to be the vegetarian your not if you come back I will throw you out myself.

  4. EL CHAVO! says:

    What are you on about?

  5. chimatli says:

    He called you a pencil neck! What next a knucklehead? A dirtbag? Long live antiquated insults!

  6. JValente says:

    I was trying to be nice. I wanted to say pencil dcik. Nonetheless. You satirize and I satirize. Chimatli – you’re like a little Chihuauhua, trying to stir things up like a wanna-be vato. Get some education and grow a pair. I have found that the Latin Mamacitas enjoy that.

  7. EL CHAVO! says:

    You need to explain what the fuck you are talking about or preferably, just STFU with your nonsense.

  8. chimatli says:

    JValente, a little chihuahua? That hurts like the dickens!

  9. pitbullgirl says:

    What, you’re not going to threaten to box his ears, wiseguy? I love antiquated insults too, especially when they are part of rants that don’t make any sense. Except for the agrarian society bit. Certainly we have moved from an agrarian society, thanks for the reminder.

  10. apio says:

    I want to revive “knucklehead”, and maybe its close cousin “chucklehead”–you know for those people who are too pathetic for hard-core insults like ‘fuckface” and “shithead’. Resorting to the soft, old insults could be a way of expressing particular contempt.

  11. Jvalente says:

    Let me spell it out for you psuedo-intellectual lightweights

    The man (or pencildick) came to my hood and bashed my favorite restaurant. In turn – I explained to him that his opinion was crap and the food at Mitla Cafe is rich and tasty. I also explained (in so many words) that indeed I am from the streets and went on to jump from airplanes with the 82nd Airborne – then got a college degree. If you can’t understand me wanting to stand up for “mine” than stop posting – you bleed to easily and your chin is toooo soft.

  12. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ha Ha Ha!
    Yer even stupider than I imagined. For the record, I was being nice to Mitla. But like I said, the locals are wrong.

  13. apio says:

    I think perhaps J. Valente rates as a chucklehead… While accusing others of being thin-skinned, he seems to be the one in such a huff that he shows himself to be too thinskinned for a knucklehead…

  14. J Adams says:

    Been eating HR at Mitla since the 1990’s. Don’t know what this guy had but this is the best HR I’ve ever eaten hands down. Homemade beans, tortillas, and the best ranchero sauce ever. This is a so cal favorite.

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