Some Trees


I was in a car for much of today, going around different places in LA on business. And I saw a lot of trees. As a freelance banker that cares about the community, I help bail people out from financial “situations” with some much needed cash infusions. Pay me back whenever you want homie, but make sure it’s by the end of the month. Hmm, yer not answering the phone anymore, I wonder why? Time to pay a visit! Let’s get cracking!


Trees never need money, just some water and some sun. And an occasional squirrel to scratch that itch.


Palms, the most common tree in urban LA. Or at least it seems that way.


Bunch o’ trees at a sidewalk corner sale.


A freshly murdered tree and the men responsible loading some of it’s parts onto a truck. For shame! You mendigos are lucky you don’t owe me money.


Trees under which you can learn pony riding. Not like it’s that hard.


Tree shade makes for happy rocks!


Waiting around for the leaves to grow back.


Tree in front of house. Man on house.


Weird looking painted trees on a Malibu mural.


Cut down tree, possibly so as to not obstruct the ocean view. That’s messed up.


Small but growing palm tree gets ignored by small but growing boys.


Extreme tree trimming! For the hairless cholo look on a gangsta palm.


Dead tree burial grounds. Cremation to follow.


Trees in rocks. Them’s some hardcore roots!


Tree reluctantly shades a stupid stretch limo for a wedding.  Whatever happened to regular nice cars decorated with nice paper flowers?


The weirdest looking pine tree-ish tree I saw today: it’s all bushy and green in the trunk.


A frantic dog gallivanting to  Goran Bregovic’s Bubamara (that’s what was playing on the stereo) stepping perfectly to the beat, looking for a tree on which to leave a mark. Perro cochino, you sure made me laugh!


The life of a palm isn’t always easy: evidence of a shanking?


Hmm. Uh, so, this boy…he once climbed a tree, I assume. Plus there’s some tree’s in the background. Look, the theme is there, don’t harsh me.


The Holiday Lounge Tree. A weekend at the Pico-Union Motel, one you will never forget.


Trees getting some ice cream on their 15 minute break. An oak took Daffy’s suggestion and ordered some hot cheesy nachos instead. Yes, it’s all true.

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  1. moon says:

    Great post even your anti-spam word,Boracho, is a tree in S.America. Here we call it the Golden Angel Trumpet Tree. Why do they call it “Boracho” there? They say if you sleep under it you’ll have vivid dreams like you were drunk. Ha! Actually, the tree’s seeds are hallucinogens.

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