Tortas de Camaron in Frisco


I was up in the Bay Area last week for the annual Anarchist Bookfair, always a fun event to see the latest stuff in print by those that hate the Church, State, and a few other ideologies. One of the best quotes of the weekend was when I was asked “Do you want to help kick out the Bolsheviks?’, which one of my friends thought must be a joke. At the @ bookfair, it happened to be very true.

In any case, I was in the Mission District during a Cuaresma Friday, so I figured I’d see if they have tortas de camaron up North. Surely not all the Mexican food here is burrito catering to the single non-cooking class? I expected to not find any, so we went on a happy hour bar tour instead. But lo and behold I spot the sign above, surely a hopeful sign.


And on closer inspection, they do have Tortitas de camaron! Frisco ain’t so backwards after all. Or so it seems. BTW, I am aware of the SF’ers dislike of the term Frisco. Very aware.


Oh shit, they’re into Chivas here. I hate Chivas. Fuck it, they’re kinda backwards up here, I’ll give them a pass.


The form was there. Okay dish. Well, not that okay, but my expectations were low. Tortitas were all soft and thin. Nopales were only a suggestion. At least the sauce had some heat to it. The tortillas were fresh and handmade!


Would I recommend this dish? Only if you were in Frisco, hoping to find some Tortas de Camaron, and assumed this would be your only option.


Soon enough, after eating, other options would present themselves. Oh well.


There’s even a Chava’s place, but it was closed anyways. But that bigote means I’m going to have to come back some day.But all these restaurant names make me think someone is trying to mess with me.

Bonus Unrelated Photo!  Bonus Unrelated Photo!


At a gas station, filling up on petrol, a fake moose cruises by.

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12 Responses to Tortas de Camaron in Frisco

  1. Ey, calmate con eso de las Chivas.

    My parents made tortas de camarón last week and I had it for the first time ever. It’s good! My parents made it spicy as hell, as the nopales and camarón didn’t add a lot of flavor.

  2. SMOKEY says:

    Next time you’re up here in The Bay try Redwood City for your eating pleasure.

  3. TacoSam says:

    I was just going to comment on the use of “Frisco”. If you said that word up in “THE CITY”, I am surprised that you didn’t get beat down.

    Funny, the anarchists chose to hold their bookfair in a COUNTY building. Were you the only brown spice at the anarchist meeting?


  4. EL CHAVO! says:

    Yeah, anarchists like to use buildings too! 😉 Nah, there were some other poc’s, but that scene is pretty mono-cultural. Just like most scenes.

  5. drinking with antoine says:

    I believe the animal hitching the ride through the suburban setting was an elk rather than a moose. Also agree wholeheartedly with your asessment of Chivas.

  6. browne says:

    @Taco Sam

    How do the give beat down’s in San Francisco? Do they look at people real hard? A beat down in Frisco…haha….


  7. chimatli says:

    people are mean in san francisco. they seem more bitter than los angeles folks. i was surprised.

  8. browne says:

    People in San Fran are bitter because for the last ten years they were living in a Gap Commercial. The tech industry (and the real estate a little) shielded them from the harsh reality of the quickly approaching economic doom. They truly thought they were going to make money forever. I’m sure alot of people outside the mainstream had jobs in that industry, because that industry and the education industry (and entertainment if you were lucky) were the industries that you can be your completey freaky self and still keep your job and get relatively well paid. As a late that safety net has been pulled from under them and they aren’t sure what to do.

    The last time it was real economically bad in the world was the 70s and none of us really remember the 70s, even though I was born in the late 70s and some of my friends where born in the late 60s.

    So the world is going to turn into a gigantic lemon to some people. The educated and formerly highly paid are going to be the first ones to really be shocked at the taste.

    They are going to be grumpy and pissed off for about next two years and in general they are going to be a little pissed off forever. They will never recover, because they can’t believe this happened to them, because they aren’t on welfare, they don’t have kids out of wedlock, they don’t use harrd drugs.

    Because even though they were liberal they still kind of believed deep down, “if those people had only worked harder.” So this is all very shocking for them, even though they read all of those books, so it shouldn’t be, but they watched all the TV so they are still brainwashed.

    They are all going to get religious. They are going to get self-righteous. They are going to lower their standards, but they’ll continue to tell you how they are lowering their standards and how it so much sucks for them. They are going to talk about how great it was way back when. They’ll do that eveyday.

    They are going to be so annoying that you’ll only hang out with 20 year olds, because they will be the only people that can legally drink that won’t be completely miserable and annoying. 20 years old will be annoying, but in an entirely different kind of way.


  9. neutral observer says:

    people are mean in SF b/c everyone tells them that SF is like such a great city…. but when faced with the reality of actually living there, it actually kinda sucks in many ways (cold, dirty, cramped), but yet the people still feel like they have to front like theyre living in this great city, and so they end up acting like snobby a-holes. its a weird conundrum. go order a cup of coffee at most cafes there and witness the SF attitude…… making you feel like you’re doing THEM a favor

  10. chimatli says:

    I was also surprised by the SF folks who were telling me how much they liked Los Angeles and how cool the city was. Haha, like I didn’t know that already!

  11. Angelica says:

    Hey Raza,

    Some of us in San Francisco are not all amargados. We’ve been hanging out since way back in the day and have ridden all the changes. Orale, busquen mejor a sus amistades carnales. And if you wanna eat good, look for Doña Tere’s stand on 21st and Harrison. AL raton.

    Angeloca de La Mision

  12. Sabreezy says:

    It’s because everyone in SF who was friendly lives in the East Bay now because only rich trust fund kids can afford to live in San Francisco now a days (excluding the suburban areas near SF State).

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