Elotes El Chavo


I’m taking a much needed road trip thru the SW, but don’t worry, my usual pendejadas will be back sooner than you want. I’m mostly checking out some border communities for some new business routes, but let’s leave it at that. I’ve been hoping to do an HR review, cuz I know you’re all dying for one of those, but most of the options I’ve encountered have had meat as part of the mix, which I just choose to avoid. There’s still time. Today I randomly passed by this tiny hut selling elotes.  Chicano U-turn, we are going in!


Well it turns out Elotes El Chavo had run out of elotes. But they did have them in a cup. Not quite esquites, but corn in a cup with chile and some queso de pata was quite a nice snack. Did you notice that they also sell hot cheetos with “chesse”? Since I’ve touched on the flaming hot cheetos issue before, I almost took the plunge and ordered this specimen, for research purposes. But I know better.


The thing that strikes me most about this elotero is that people come to him instead of the other way around. El Paso does seem to have a thriving drive-thru culture but this stationary stand offering common street food, including raspados and orange cheese nachos, seems to have shifted the role of the ambulante. Let us hope this trend does not catch on.

Somewhere on Mesa near Sunland Park in El Paso, Texas.

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2 Responses to Elotes El Chavo

  1. tin says:

    orale Chavo, no te nos vayas a quedar en Texas. man, i haven’t had a cup of elote in a long time, sounds like i have a new craving…

  2. ex cliente says:

    Nunca esta abierto ese pinchi lugar, q se vallan a la verga

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