Why the world As-It-Is doesn’t work

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I’ve often been told that Anarchy would never work because if we got rid of Authority (usually meaning the police, as that’s the only form of authority most understand) then everyone would go psycho-crazy! Punching people in the face, stabbing old ladies, stealing candy from kids, putting recyclables in the trash, eating tacos with a fork and knife: basically, the world would collapse. It’s a common perspective, just go ask your friends and neighbors: ‘anarchy’ boils down to something along those lines. And it’s, of course, totally wrong. The guiding principles of autonomy and mutual aid always get drowned out by the roar of potential mayhem, and once it’s decided that humans are raging beasts, restrained from their killing instinct solely by the presence of police, well there’s really no use in debating the point. However, if you ask for examples of such crazy behavior, they’ll be a bit stumped; it’s not common. But Mutual Aid, the practice of helping each other out, that happens all the time in the animal and human world.

When you really think about it, the world at present is exhibiting those misanthropic characteristics that so many fear, the mayhem is already around us. Remember Katrina? Remember how the government and the police failed its citizens and could not provide the basics for life; food, water, and shelter? I do. And I remember that the only way people were able to get shit done was by banding together, either to loot stores for supplies, to coordinate impromptu toilets, to provide medical care, or to attempt to rescue themselves. Humans, even alienated and isolated city dwellers, can always rely on their instincts for preservation (of self and others) to pull them out of danger: in an instant, all the crap socialization that dominates the modern world melts away. Gone are the learned habits that keep you from talking to neighbors. Away go the fears that limit interaction between different peoples. To the dustbin with the “respect for property”, that linchpin that defines so much of our current reality. Such was the case with Mark Morice. After the storm, he saw people in desperation, found himself a boat, and managed to save over 200 people in need of rescue. What did he get in return? The ‘owner’ of the boat files a lawsuit, suing him for taking it without permission and for “mental anguish”. That is an accurate snapshot of the world as-it-is, circa 2006. No need for lawless thugs to threaten you, the threats come from thugs that use the law to make less of you!

Is that a good enough reason to indict the current social order, or is that just utterly flippant? Sure! Just as the religious can find meaning in any mundane act, I’ve decided this lawsuit is the one that tied the noose on the present: the jig is finally up! What, then, does it mean that the lawsuit has been dropped? It becomes even clearer that humanity is catching up with our modern world. When the logic under which we operate is so visibly corrupt that the whole thing comes into question, that’s when they change it’s guise in an attempt at survival. In the end, the empire has no clothing: it’s rotten to the corpse!

And on that cheerful note, might I suggest that anarchy could be no worse? EL CHAVO!

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6 Responses to Why the world As-It-Is doesn’t work

  1. Chuck Morse says:

    nice post

  2. KIKO says:

    yay! anarchy. good post. nice boost.

    now if we could just get rid of those damn crimthincers… (just kidding Chucko!!! just kidding joaquin!!!) god why do so many anarchists have sticks up their butts? sometimes it seems like the radical left around here is just the latest manifestation of Puritan culture, only dressed all in black. oh wait, didn’t the Puritans dress all in black too? hmmm…

  3. idlerocker says:

    You are an idiot. Call it anarchy. Call it libertanarianism. Its nescasary because than FINALLY people are equal. Than it’s ok to fight back. politacal correctness is a fad going to strong.

  4. idlerocker says:

    And someone could vie for an idea, everyone vote, and we’re all happy.

  5. idlerocker says:

    u get tuff, join a gang, be invisible, or die. simple.

  6. Now u contradicted urself here. u say the world would fall apart because theres no authority and nothing to help us….but u complained in katrina there was no one to help so they banned together to make it. well which is better. hmmm…help or no help we still doin everything on our own. its not like the police are knocking on the IRS doors tryna take them down for unlawfully taxing us since 1913 i think it was…

    police aint doin shit for poverty or corporate world so ANARCHY 100%

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