Window Repair


If you look closely you’ll see something odd about this car. There’s a long tradition in LH of people fixing up broken car windows with plastic bags and tape but this person took it to a new level, a temporary fix that looks almost perfect. They used some thick type of plastic sheet and cut it to size, and maybe some glue and tape to hold it on to the car. Not sure how its going to hold up to the water though.

This is quite an improvement on the old trash bag/duct tape technology and maybe they should set up some sort of Professional Mickey Mouse Job establishment for quality repairs on the cheap. Its what Lincoln Heights really needs.

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  1. A motor for a power window in my brother’s car broke down and my dad decided to get a replacement one from a junkyard. When that one didn’t work, my dad decided the best way to keep the window up was by sticking a block of wood inside the door to hold it up and to fill the remaining crack with tape. Four months later, it’s still like that.

    I hate power windows.

    This is still one of my favorite temporary fixes:

  2. Lorena says:

    We got one wacky car here. Someone covered the entire car, not just a window, I’m talking the whole freakin car, in duct tape. Maybe they were thinking it was cheaper than paint

  3. Elias says:

    Hola quisiera saber como tengo que hacer para tener un sitio web con el nombre del tuyo.

  4. Esneeky Meachelle says:

    What’s worse or ironic is we’re so close to the Window Repair row right there on MAIN!

  5. Steve says:

    Those Mickey Mouse jobs will get you every time.

  6. Dona Junta says:

    Dam lol why can’t they just go to el jonke and get a used glass for like 30 buks lol i know it’s hard-times but am sure they re driving around enough to waste that on gas anyway. They swear nobody can break in their car and g ride that shit lol

  7. Virux says:

    They applied the plastic and then heated it, causing it to shrink.

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