Religion Is Control By Satan

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Spotted on the LA Times rack by Rite-Aid. Someone likes to go around sharing Chick tracts and hand written, multi-colored note cards to steer you towards the Jesus dude. I bet this is the doings of the guy with the religious car that works at 5 points now. They put out a rack of Chick tracts daily to go along with your Dickies.

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3 Responses to Religion Is Control By Satan

  1. apio says:

    Funny how fundamentalist christians try to deny that their bullshit is religion… Chick tracts though do show that Satan is one of their gods, and it would seem the most powerful one.

  2. WALT! says:

    Jack Chick was an Eastsider. (Born in Boyle Heights, 1924.)

  3. HAHAHA I saved this one little booklet they passed out to me in front of Alex’s discount store when i was 17 *cough* (which translates into 12 yrs ago) about the evils of halloween,

    Druids were the devils men, sacrificings on halloween, thats where it all started from… HALLOWEEN WAS BADDDDDDDD hahaha these quacks!
    I gotta look for that now.

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