Assembling your Vegetarian Tamales

Finally, an end to this lousy online tamal making workshop. Hey, you get what you pay for! It took me forever but I’m okay with the way I documented my process, though I’m still hoping to get the red sauce tamales and their particular fillings posted online soon. The world can wait.

Click here to see the final chapter!

Click here to see the whole series of Tamal making

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10 Responses to Assembling your Vegetarian Tamales

  1. chimatli says:

    Awesome series! Too bad I’m way too lazy to ever attempt this on my own. 😉

  2. Alejandra says:

    Those look so good! I’ve sat in on many tamale making sessions with my family, but I’ve never attempted. I think its due time.

  3. WALT! says:

    El Chavo! That looks so good! I can totally do this, I want to do this, but my lady keeps telling me to just spend $20 and BUY a dozen. How do I convince her? What was the cost/time break-down?

    And what’s up with that cat? It just seems to sleep around, look at you, and never lifts a paw to help.

  4. EL CHAVO! says:

    Yeah, buying them is the easy way but you’ll get more for your buck if you make them. I don’t know how much it breaks down per tamal because I buy extra ingredients and I don’t want to see how much I’m spending. But replacing a night watching tv/playing video games with tamal making is usually fun and memorable. Plus, the flavor of a fresh steamed homemade tamal is almost always better than anything you can buy, or at least I think so. And you’ll have a big pot of them to share with friends! Do it!

    Regarding the lazy cat, she is lazy. I ought to put her down unless she starts carrying her weight around here.

  5. Ana says:

    What an enjoyable tutorial! I am having a tamal making party tomorrow, and as I brushed up on techniques, and learned new ones, I also laughed out loud. Gracias.

  6. Nea says:

    What a hilarious way to teach us the art of tamale making! I’m trying mine tonight..I bought a beautiful tamalera last week that’s beggin’ to be filled!

    Thank you.

  7. AGratefulHeart says:

    El Chavo,
    !!Gracias por esta la comida!!
    You are sooo good at making this fun process and encourage people to do this as fun as possible! You are right no one is making the exact same process.
    I thank ytou for showing me how to make maiz process becuz you are the only one that shows me how to do it.
    I have here a bag of maiz morado (purple corn)~ I wanted to do it with sopa de maiz or menudo (sorry no accent “n” becuz this keyboard doesn’t have an update fancy thing)
    Now I can do this with a proper way. Ohh boy!! I spent looking for your advice about 2 hours!!
    Again, muy gracias!!

  8. Lilia says:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your tamale making tutorials. I found them on your other site. Today was my first time tackling them, by myself, and they were really helpful. So far my masa is done and delicious. I really like how you suggested to add the sauce into the masa. It’s delicious! I’m waiting for my chiles to soften up. Thanks again! PS, I’m from Lincoln Heights but I live on the westside now. 🙂

  9. Linda says:

    Wow! Awesome tutorial! Thank you! I loved the entire tamal process. I didn’t have a clue on how to make them, and now thanks to you I am going to venture! I just need to get all the ingredients and some of the tools to get strarted. The masa is the most difficult to make (at least to me) but I loved the way you tought us how to make it. More thanks! learning how the corn meal is really done from scratch! Is priceless. I hope you continue adding recipes to your page, instructions, graphics and videos were great and fun! Blessings to you and yours! Happy New Year 2014!!

  10. Nani Blyleven says:

    Well, thank you for that wonderful informative and very entertaining tutorial! You’ve motivated me to make a huge batch for the holidays!

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