The Art of Gum Removal

I was walking by the Rite-Aid the other day when I noticed these weird alien patterns. It took me too long to figure out this was the artwork of some gum removal street crew. I hope they get a gallery show soon!

Click ahead for a few more pics.

It looks purty. I guess it would look even nicer if they cleaned the whole sidewalk instead of just the gum. Not that I’m complaining.

On my to do list: buy a pack of gum, chew, and place said gums in a pattern of my choosing.

I wonder what they do with the old gum? I hope it goes into the National Gallery of Ephemera that probably exists somewhere.

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4 Responses to The Art of Gum Removal

  1. Lorena says:

    In Seattle they have a wall of gum down near Pike Place Market. It’s somewhat of a tourist stop and looks like some kind of colorful abstract expressionist painting. I know this because my mom had read about it and insisted on finding it and being photographed in front of it. All visuals aside, I found it rather stomach turning

  2. Erika says:

    We thought the same thing. Those lazy crews. Or, as my sister put it, they took the contract verbatim. “Pues it says remove gum, not clean the entire sidewalk!”

    You should check out Broadway. There are crazy patterns there too.

    Or! How about we place gum in between those lines so they clean the whole sidewalk?

  3. Leroy Brandt says:

    About the gum cleaning and art. The vertical wall seems like a good idea. Yea, Erika and El C, Let’s have the city take 80% longer (and 80% more of your money) to clean the side walk that the filthy, idiot, “Jay (Leno)-walk braniac brainiac society we have now that can’t even bother to take there spit -out at least to the gutter or a trash can.
    The city sprays water on many side walks. Plus many businesses scrub them with soap and water. Does water and soap suds take gum out of your hair or off your clothes? No. Show a little appreciation. If you want a pristinen side walk, El C, Walk down it with a baseball bat. When you see a gum spitter you know, take care of it.

  4. Leroy Brandt says:

    EL C,
    By the way. I like your crappy-recipe area. Iwil be trying to cook suma dat.
    Thanks, Leroy

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