Secret Huevos

This is one of the best breakfast-es I’ve had in a long time. Huevo estrellados cooked in a ranchero sauce with rajas, queso, and crema. A sort of huevos en cazuela, though these are named after the restaurant. I plan on going back to check out the Huevos Rancheros, maybe I will do a follow up. This is some non-descript place on the Eastside, one of those generic eateries that can be either drab or straight awesome. This place was quite awesome.

My dish came with beans and buttered white toast. Very good for sopping up the eggs in salsa. Incredibly delicious. I tend to be of the “let everyone know” camp, my friend thinks this is a secret to keep. After the burn of El Huarachito I’m open to being less open. Within reason. So yeah, this place is for the moment for me to know and you to find out.

Only $5.99!

Buñuelos tambien. Perfect with coffee.

Ok, I’ll just say its the place with the pro-immigration mural inside, with the paisa crossing the arbitrary border with some barb wire wrapped around his leg.

And with the image of EL CHAVO! enjoying his torta. EL CHAVO! loves his tortas.


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  1. whoa that looks amazing! I will have to try one day

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