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Many of you might think that my interest in the banal is due to the technological wonder of digital photos, assuming that the relative cheapness of digital media leads to pictures of nothing, or subjects that should be relegated to the trash heap. Unfortunately, my love of stupid shit has been around for some time now.  I’ve been cleaning up some of my space and came upon a stash of real developed photos that I’d shoved into a lunchbox I was tossing. It is quite the time capsule, taking me back to the not so recent past that means nothing to anyone other than me. So be it. But take a look anyways.

That photo above: Somebody came to tell me that the weird kid from a few doors down was eating flowers. I took a picture of him in the act. We tried to stop him but he was crazy and didn’t care what we thought about his diet. His mom knew about it, so we had the right to just laugh at Lil Loco and his way with the flores.

As a teen the inside of cemetery walls were often the best place to spend some time with friends without being harassed by police. Especially at night. But eventually somebody would snitch and we’d be running from cop cars and helicopters. It was still better than staying at home with nothing to do.

I think this was at the Odd Fellows cemetery but maybe not.

Open windows, flying curtains. Shouldn’t there be a screen? Life in my neighborhood of Wyvernwood, where everyone was always peeking out of windows.

Coordinating a bunch of tops to spin for a picture? Lame!

My mom, on the verge of another forgettable meal. Boiled Lengua on a platter? At some point that would become the highlight of how much I disliked her cooking. There was also the tripas incident in which I left all of mine on the plate and put it in the sink, and my older sister took the blame and the beating. While transitioning to a vegetarian diet she kept adding cow and chicken parts to my meals, “es que se me olvido”. I learned to cook soon afterwards.

I’m sure my mom made some decent meals at some point, but I can’t remember which ones those were. I’ve only asked her about recipes from my grandmother. Don’t worry, I still love her even though she is utterly crazy.

No, for reals.

My dad in a frame and some pumpkins.

Yup, I had a lot of chickens. Socialist newspapers were often put into a more practical service.

Out of focus cockroach on a refrigerator door. Surely this was at a neighbors house.

I don’t get it.

Tia Rosita, relaxing.

Pricey crap food that is suddenly affordable with food stamps. Although nowadays I limit my consumption of processed and fast food I still understand the inclination towards cheap and filling fare. This is a good spot for some class analysis to be developed by “foodies” and those “Food Desert” activists.

Found in the stack of pics. I can’t remember taking this picture. Maybe someone I knew had the camera. But this is pretty much my favorite picture of the bunch. Something about how fucked up it is, and how perfect it is. Wait, maybe this was at Flipper’s pad?

I’m still riding this old bike. Shimano XT still holding up.

Helicopters over BH. What’s new?

Nothing is new.

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5 Responses to Dumb Photos

  1. Victor says:

    Great pics, I also lived in Wyvernwood and I remember those windows with the big key to open them, and not to mention the lead laced paint chips.

  2. LAnna says:

    GREAT STORIES and great ‘fotos’. Your comments about your Mom’s cooking reminded me of what happened when one of my friends, a well intentioned “abuelita” decided that her visiting grandson needed a bit more protein in his diet. (His parents were strict vegetarians, and the kid had never eaten meat products).
    She fed him menudo (full of tripe), chorizo and eggs cooked in bacon drippings. What a disaster. the poor kid was sick for days and needless to say, the abuelita was never left alone with him again. To this day she still doesn’t know what she did wrong!

  3. Mariana says:

    The order in which you presented your photos and the story that you told to caption each shot, created a complete work of art. I would love to see these pictures in large matt prints captioned beautifully below. You are a fantastic writer

  4. BUDDHA says:

    That look on the Batman kids face is classic. He definatly looks like a meschievous little shit, LOL

  5. dona junta says:

    Oh man i forgot how funny your blog posts were I def need to keep supporting my friends! sorry i lagged on reading but man i was missing out. Let me comment on the pictures cus you had me rolling.

    1) The kid eating the flower when you said lil Loco reminded me of that book Latin King, I am sure you read that haha! and I used to also eat rose petals and try to make perfume out of them. =?

    2) The window that you said someone is always looking out of LMFAO!, yes, yes I agree there is always that one senora looking out that window, or the paranoid gangster! but Dona Junta was a senora that was looking out the window at us while we smoked weed in her parking lot..lol I won\’t ever forget that.

    3) Your mom\’s pix lol I was laughing because you hated her cooking am assuming that she used to much meat in her food. (lengua boiling!!) haha I grew up complaining to my parents to start cooking with meat! lol since they grew up in a poor rancho they wern\’t used to cooking with meat making them sort of vegetarians i guess, at the time I hated it thought.

    4) you know that cucaracha was in your fridge!! haha

    5) The food on the table, man did everyone buy Corn Flakes and Wonder bread?? I
    think so.

    Thanks for sharing!

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