Creepy Doll

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How else to explain this wonderful handmade creation? Painfully white skin and hair, bright red drunkards nose and cheeks, fake ass smile, huge black button eyes that peer right thru you = Fucking Creepy! If you want to scare some brat or other, this little terror doll should still be available over at Deseret Industries Thrift Store in Boyle Heights, in the “collectibles” section!

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5 Responses to Creepy Doll

  1. Kevin says:

    Yes, I like to collect dolls who come alive in the middle of the night and try to KILL ME!

  2. cindylu says:

    I’m ready to run screaming from this post. Seriously. I HATE creepy dolls.

  3. notoriouslig says:

    Do the Mormons know that evil thing is in their thrift shop?

  4. EL CHAVO! says:

    Something tells me that demon doll is the product of some seriously suppressed Mormon rage!

  5. ritzy p says:

    that one doll is my two fears combined, dolls and clowns! i think its a zombie and its wearing sunglasses so that we can’t see its dead “x” ed out eyes. hijole!

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