By no means am I a stickler for the proper spelling of words, mainly cuz I ain’t gonna diss on a practice I embrace: I love to mangle English just like the best of ’em! But I figure if I ever made my living making signs for others, I’d splurge on one of those dictionaries from the 99¢ store, surely most customers would appreciate a correctly spelled sign. But alas, I don’t know shit, as it seems you can still make a decent buck while pocketing that small 99¢ fortune. I suspect the recipients of the work are not aware of the signo (the sign makers typo) or maybe they just like it? Whatever the case, it’s time we make our peace with them. Welcome to the wonderful world of sign-os, enjoy your stay!

First up is the pic above, a new addition to the Broadway landscape, a store for Wedding dresses and Proms’s. There’s a lesson here about plurals and possessive cases but that’s not for me to discuss, what kinda class(room) traitor would I be if I started schooling my readership? Not a very good one!


The “Nigth” club’s misspelling is well known to LH locals and others. Unless you’re willing to mount a muscular grammar posse to confront the Paisas and Narcos that frequent this locale, I bet this place is going to keep its name!


Se hasen trabajos. Que bueno que no se hacen letreros!


Ha, ha, looks like someone’s been smoking too much of that jerva wena! And to think, if La Seria and La Necia are blazing, you know who won that drug war!


Revalation to Nations. And yet, your god refuses to reveal a dictionary.


Another sign with a religious message. Though this one doesn’t have any signos, it’s interesting for the random choice of capitalization. Stranger yet, it appears to be made with duct tape! Now that’s a sign maker working on the cheap!


And I’ll make this the last one from a church, otherwise we’d be here forever. A homemade sign (I hope!) for an International fair, I like how they fit the ‘o’ for domingo inside the ‘D’, genius!


Even auto repair goes International. Ha, ha, the third character is missing a squiggle underneath! Or at least I think it is, Asian sign makers must make mistakes as well. Just cuz I can’t read them is no excuse!


I snapped this pic because of the obvious misspelling of pallets (the truck was loaded with them) but then when I looked up the phone number I realized they also fucked up the name! Get a refund, Preffrred Paelets!


And finally, since the owner of this establishment (newly arrived from the westside) is on a personal crusade to criminalize the youth that partake in graffiti, thinks you should rat out businesses that have unique homemade signs, and had the gall to declare to Highland Park that “the pig pen ghetto days are over. I’m raising property values and curb appeal”, then it’s appropriate for us, in the interest of preemptive signo corrections, to rename this place the Highland Jerk! That’s my contribution to cleaning up the neighborhood!

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6 Responses to Sign-os!

  1. Chuck Morse says:

    Nice post! Well done. … “Que bueno que no se hacen letreros!” … Cracked me up!

  2. tin says:

    man, you do have a lot of time… i appreciate the post, especially the religious signs, given that they are all about ‘the word’ (or is that the wordo?)

  3. ryan says:

    very funny. loved it!

  4. Mad Mexican says:

    I allweys wundered hows a signs cumpany kan mis-spel so meny wurds. They shood buy a dicktionary to lurn to spell likes me.

    I wood nevr make so many mestakes wheen speling inglish.

    You no sum people are estupid.

  5. Vidalia says:

    Oh how you made me laugh allowed at worke!!!

  6. haha this is hilarious love it!

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