New Year’s Eve 2011

I was tagging along with a friend today running some errands, here are a few pictures for you to see while you wait for the clock to tick to the appropriate time.

Above, the Rose Parade fools already unfurled their banner a day early. Oh, and they are doing the parade a day later because they have to be at church on Sunday. How is that for a lame way to start the year?

My final HR’s of the year, I assume, and it a decent example from the good folks at El Huarachito.

Around Lincoln Heights its not all good news for everyone, including the case of this missing young lady.

One of the best and most productive plots of land in LH is still going strong. I bet you they ain’t stupid enough to call themselves “urban homesteaders” either.

Jack Frost hit the bottle early and can barely stay up. Good for him!

Le Blanc’s still cornering that Sexy Santa market.

Everyone is in a festive mood.

Over in Pasadena a nerd shows off his new Xmas toy. Where’s your helmet nerd?

Pasadena is ready for its big day filled of crap. Plus they have toilets out for people.

Gaggles of tourists were having their day in the sun. It easy to forget that people actually travel to So. Cal. just to see a bunch of dumb floats but I guess they get tired of shucking corn.

Not that there is anything wrong with shucking corn.

Dining by the crowd control fences is all the rage this time of year.

A bunch of old timers were doing their Sunday driving early, even the bicyclists were getting annoyed and telling them to get off the road!

New Year’s resolution: Ima git wit da program.

The Bus Driver Without A Bus got all dressed up, took off his safety vest, and hit the streets on his bike! Very interesting.

Back in Lincoln Heights we got the party started early. Winitos don’t need no reason to wino it up!

Hope you ring in the new year with your pals drunk on a bench as well. Salud!



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  1. Edith says:

    Winitos – awesome word!
    Poor Frosty should be classified as such.

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