Lincoln Heights Xmas Parade 2011

I’m doing my duty by filing this LH Xmas Parade coverage report, a little bit late but I blame the parade for not being as inspiring as usual. Actually, it was a bit (gasp!) boring. So here it goes for whatever its worth, which is not much since its a free post I gladly give to one and all to satisfy your needs for time wasting!

Click here if you have nothing else to do.


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1 Response to Lincoln Heights Xmas Parade 2011

  1. phyllis says:

    You are hilarious.
    I am the church lady telling people about Jesus 🙂 except in tennis shoes instead of heels.
    That was one entertaining parade I tell ya! So funny.
    Around here it is all about the police siren and firetruck siren. Now when there
    is a real emergency, I always think a parade is starting when somebody might actually be bleeding to death :/

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