Still Have My Balls

Bored people are boring people. I don’t see how you could ever be bored with so much to see and hear basically right outside your doors. There is no better entertainment than stepping outside nomas para ver and let the world do its thing. Beats television every time.

I had lots of things to do today but I scheduled a viewing of my neighborhood. Lots of chuckles ensued!  Like this poster above about a lost dog that still has its balls. Click ahead to see more.

These private for-profit schools don’t inspire trust, especially not with signs like these with a lower case “n” followed with a bit of capitalization. F+

At least their mural, no doubt one of the cities worst, settles with capital letters for every word but no space between ItHomeAlive. Why they would decide on this theme for a grade school is perplexing.

The Pink House of Horrors has been green for some time now. Still ugly though.

Across the street a postal carrier was asking out loud “where the fuck is the mailbox?” but he was talking about some other place.

Since the Bi Rite closed the recycling truck is also gone. More chuckles were had with “idibiDUAL” and “bENdo”. Snicker!

On the other side of the same phone booth, a sign about some renting activity happening in some unknown living room. Somewhere.

Oh oh, here come the enclosures. Wait, what’s that?

Haha! A sign on a sign. Fucking Herbalife.

Goodbye parking lot used by everyone for all kinds of things. Soon to be another private lot.

I guess the market for rotten vegetables really did plummet. According to the man with white hair the building is going to be used for furniture manufacturing.

I hope when they finish that gate they’ll leave a lil’ gordito entry, like the one at the Big Saver. It’s popular!

Another local industry that has fallen on hard times during la crisis are the indoor swapmeets. The one in the ugly-brown-building-painted-white has lots of open spots now. And I only saw two vendors plus the security guard. Where is the support for our local job creators? Maybe Romney is right about them tax cuts.

They still supply all my needs for Guine Pigs, Kikiri-Ques? and Jombo CricKels.

GARBAGE CANE SCORE!!! Hmm, maybe I should setup a booth now.

No what? I tried to go inside to ask but the front door is closed, yet again. That’s some bullshit having to walk around to the parking lot in back just to get in.

Over at the 99 cents you can preview what all the trick or treaters will look like this year.

UFO sponges? Check!

In some other post I mentioned they should require sign makers to have dictionaries. Add neon sign makers to the list: somebody forgot an H! Typo, Sign-o, and now Neon-o. A walk expands the vocabulary.

Also overheard on this walk: “I can’t sit in there cuz my mind starts running and I start thinking about alleys and whores.”

See how exciting that was? Now back to our regularly scheduled boredom.

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