Cooking with EL CHAVO! – Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

A major problem with eating out in Los Angeles is that your options for a good soup are limited. Either you can’t find any on the menu, it’s full of animal bits, or it’s some gloopy “veg” soup with more cream than veggies. Get your shit together LA. Thus when I am in the mood for a nice satisfying and warming soup I head to my own kitchen. In this installment of my crappy cooking school I will show you how I throw together a decent tortilla soup, made to my liking.

Click here to make it yourself!

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9 Responses to Cooking with EL CHAVO! – Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

  1. Mooncrazy says:

    That looks great and I’m not a vegetarian. I don’t understand the “nutritional yeast” where is that found?

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    It’s found at most health food stores (often in the bulk bins) or Whole Foods, etc. As a veg it provides useful B12 vitamins but it also kicks up the flavor of food by giving it a shot of savory depth, at least I think so. Lots of people sprinkle it on popcorn too.

  3. johnk says:

    I didn’t know tortilla soup was that. I thought it was some chicken soup with corn and tortillas. I’ve been lied to!

    Your soup looks awesome. Do any restaurants sell it or even something close to it?

  4. ginaLatina says:

    Looks beautiful AND delicious. Can’t wait to make this for my family and friends, maybe a Thanksgiving/Holiday tradition where everyone can participate! Some day, we’ll truly be *real* Mexicans again, thanks to you Chavo! (although getting everyone to help Mom out is definitely not a tradition, it’s one I’m happy to update)

    -La Mama GinaLatina

  5. Nevada says:

    Thanks for the recipe, as a vegetarian I am always envious of soups I don’t get to enjoy. I love your recipes – a big improvement on my grandmas Sunset magazine ‘Mexican Cook Book’.

  6. Becky says:

    This looks delicious. I’m having a little Autumny Thanksgivingy dinner on Friday and thinking of making this. I’m a little bit worried about the quality of my dried chilies. I have all those but they are pretty old, gathering dust for a year or so. How much will this matter? Also the old tortilla problem here in London; we don’t get the simple good ones. But I’m thinking chemical filled corn tortillas prob still better than chips?
    Hmmm I’m not painting a pretty picture here but I think it will still be great and people will enjoy.

  7. Julie says:

    Wow amazing soup! I planned to make it a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to it. delicious!

    Thank you for posting

  8. gina latina says:

    finally made this and instantly became *mexican star* of my family. Next up is teaching my 19-year old on this, he loved making the tortilla chips and wants to continue the cooking cultura.

    Gina Latina

  9. Gina Latina says:

    I’m glad you’re still here, and that this recipe is still posted. Update is that I’m still making the soup 10 years later and everyone still loves it.

    Keep doing what you do!

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