Food Stamp Jokes


Making fun of the people that come into their shop. The Rosslyn Market is too clever for its own good. I hereby place a curse on the people involved with this market and cast a spell for all of them to end up on food stamps. I hope they will appreciate the soda-chips-candy joke when they are trying to get a bit of sugar & spice into their diet of top ramen and blue box mac & cheese.

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4 Responses to Food Stamp Jokes

  1. Alexis says:

    Is this downtown on Main St.? Seems like somebody thinks this is *ironic*….When it’s really in poor taste and not even funny. Can’t imagine how they talk about folks in private if this is what they say in public! !Sinverguenzas!

    Maybe someone can organize a EBT mob, like a cashmob, so that their other clients can not get into the store?

  2. Maybe they say it from personal experience? It’s certainly been mine. Most people on food stamps abuse it, and hardly use it buy ‘fruits and vegetables’.

  3. RobThomas says:

    I’ll bet Rosslyn Market gladly cashes in on the profits from customers that buy less-than- nutritious food from them using food stamps. They despise this use of government benefits, all the way to the bank…

  4. edward castillo says:

    I recall this old food stamp joke.
    “What’s a Mexican fortune cookie”?

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