New Places To Acquire Commodities in LH!


The ugliest building in Lincoln Heights went thru a gradual transition and now it’s not as ugly as it used to be. Strangely, the building that was set to bring fashion influence, even some sort of community space for a split second, has finally settled into its natural state as a 99 cent style store. This is great news for the neighborhood. The ominous drums of gentrification and a cultural shift to cater to the young and affluent has been averted, for now, to cater to the low brow needs of common folk. Make way for a our very newest and much appreciated member of the N. Broadway merchant community, the 99!


Notice they don’t advertise cents, might be some legal stipulation from those under a dollar bullies down the street. But I took a peek in and they seem to focus on the “and up” part of their ad. We can pay more than a dollar for our quality interests, we are a changing neighborhood with over a dollar needs. I doubt I will make many visits here but I am quite happy it didn’t turn into some stupid pay-what-you-can eatery, nor a space for theatre, not a space for midnight art shows, and I’m most happy it didn’t become a spot for expensive but local organic food items. Even though I like that idea, “in theory”. Keeping it in tune with the 90’s theme of the block. It is a great day for Lincoln Heights, sticking to its working class roots rather than dabbling with the fleeting promises of that gentrfication louse.


Down the street and part of the 90’s family is our own “From 98¢ And Up” red store. They deliver what they promise.


Of course, we have our very own authentic 99¢ only store, the quality stuff not the cheap knockoffs! In this day of rapid real estate turnover and soaring rents I am happy to see our beautiful N. Broadway free of harbingers of doom. I’ll ignore that square dancing place since everyone else does as well.


Even though we have a budget minded neighborhood, we still get all the perks of a wealthy big city hot spot: look at these festive and colorful Xmas decorations that have suddenly graced our beloved N. Broadway! I’ve added a floating arrow in case you are too oblivious or heatheney to notice the holiday spirit.


A normal day in LH is okay, but when these fabulous decorations (arrows point to festive spirit) show up in our public space then we know we are ready to have a good time! Holidays!


The mortuary by Griffin  has a tree out. I am more in the Xmas spirit because of this display.

Seems like the holiday of commodity acquisition is going to be a major hit in LH this year! Good work Business Improvement society!


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  1. apio says:

    I had to laugh at how the Christmas decorations we “heatheney” sorts might miss are (very stylized images of) flowers and trees, decorations the good christians stole from the “heatheney” sorts…. An amusing post.

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