World Cup 2014


Back when I first started this stupid blog I did a bunch of posts about futbol and World Cup. I haven’t really kept that up but that doesn’t mean I am no longer a fan, far from it. Actually, I haven’t kept up much about this blog so it just fits in with the pattern. I’ve been trying to work on a final post about Grand Central Market, in which I just give up on the fresh pile of poop it has become but it fills me with so much anger that I don’t want to touch it. Anger and poop, not something I want to deal with after a full day at work. And since I work downtown, I already deal with both.

So here instead is some light fare,  a flashback to my fun interests outside of hating and criticizing everything. I went out to see the USA vs Germany game at a bar, how exciting! Above we see the alley way that connects Lucky Baldwins and Kings Row in Pasadena, the two places were packed but the streets seemed pretty empty. I guess all the American losers decided to go to work instead, always the wrong choice.

Uhh, does that qualify as hating? Oh well, fuck it.


We came here recently for another World Cup game, it was a nice setup. But this 9am start must have been difficult for Kings Row since they didn’t open the doors til about 10 min before kickoff and they asked us to wait a bit before we started ordering munchies. Eventually we got our breakfast beers. Nothing beats being on vacation.


Also a pretty decent breakfast burro with eggs, cheese, and fries. Big enough to split.


The game was actually quite boring, with the US looking like some AYSO children’s squad, losing the ball constantly and having no cohesive goal scoring strategies other than the sapo kick. Plus they did stupid things like bumping into the ref or your own teammate.


US team is good at crying on the field.


Boo hoo. Mommy, can we go get pizza now?


They let in a goal and Germany was up ahead, as expected. Attention seemed to shift towards the Portugal-Ghana game instead, the only hope of the US pulling into the next round.

The most exciting point of the match was when Portugal scored a goal against Ghana in the other game. Might as well pull out that USA! USA! chant cuz you’ll prob not be using it on the USA game.


Lots of happy faces with the US losing but still going thru. Someone actually said “It was ugly but we did it!” after it was all over. True enough. That’s World Cup for ya.


We figured it might be good to see the Belgium-S. Korea match to see how those teams play. Deciding to check out some new place we took the train over to Hollywood to 33 Taps. I didn’t count but it looks like they might have 33 taps. Lots of crappy stuff but a few good beers in the mix, nothing special.


I was happy to see Algeria tie with Russia to go ahead to the next round. As you might imagine, there wasn’t a big draw for these sets of games. This guy didn’t pretend to be interested and brought out a book instead, awesome! I like reading at drinking establishments too, its an activity that needs to be encouraged. BTW, the Library Bar downtown is a dark cavern that discourages reading, they only like books as a theme. Avoid at all costs.

There were some dickhead US fans sitting next to us saying some gross and stupid shit, which I will not repeat, but I figure I should mention that this bar seems to attract that sort of element. Hollywood Blvd, but of course.


All matches settled, we settled our tab and that was that.   I can see coming back here to see a game, maybe not a US one tho. On the way out I spotted this nice flowchart.

I hope you were able to take the day off too. A day of watching crappy matches is always better than the best day at work.

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