Portal Potty

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Have you ever found yourself sitting on the loo, doing your business, and just wishing you were somewhere -anywhere- else? Those fanciful thoughts of instant time travel and extra dimensional escapades are now within reach! Announcing, the Portal Potty! Sit your ass down and experience the thrill of the plastic potty gateway. At your command, you’ll be whisked to the rings of Saturn and beyond. Or to the cascading waterfalls of Yellowstone Park, if that’s what suddenly comes to mind. Interested in seeing the giant trees being cut down in the Pacific Northwest? No problem! Portal Potty does it all, and more! Great for Baptisms and Kick Backs as well.

Flushing sold separately.

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12 Responses to Portal Potty

  1. EL CHAVO! says:

    First you do Fanny’s and now you grace us with this crap? What kinda degenarate are you becoming? You are a sick chavo, el chavo. At least you didn’t post that disgusting and totally inappropriate picture of the impromptu sidewalk toilet on 1st street, the one you were thinking of somehow weaving into this post. That really would have been over the line.

  2. Chuck Morse says:

    hahahahahahaha… didn’t one of those explode once with an astronaut in it over Florida?

  3. EL CHAVO! says:

    You’re even sicker than i am! 😉

  4. Brenda says:

    AHAHAHA! THis was amazing. Just as my bf and I were talking about teleporting (literally, through the telephone)…I’m going to have to tell him about the portal potty. 🙂 El chavo, you’re my hero.

  5. tin says:

    que fumas guey! but really, where can i go

  6. Chuck Morse says:

    Good thinking, Brenda: anybody doing any teleporting should definitely try the telephone before the method suggested in the poster above!

  7. cindylu says:

    If I could get in one of those and avoid traffic, I’d do it!

  8. What would only make this funnier is if those were “CYA” Portal Potties…

  9. regina says:

    Does it require tokens? Or exact change? I’d gladly relinquish my laundry quarters.

    (BTW, I just discovered your site via an SB Beer roadtrip post you logged on blogging.la. (I’m a SB beer-drinking, Chilango’s hatin’ gal.) Wanted to say you cracked me up. You’re definitely my cup of tea… or, uh, pint of porter. Cheers!)

  10. Rolo says:

    its like a time machine, nothing tops that!!!

  11. Portal Potty says:

    Ha Ha… I think I’ve thought about being somewhere else everytime i’ve been in a 4 X 4 stankfist. What was with the ‘kickbacks’ bullet on the flyer… like, dude is gonna spiff me for referring my sister to get some johns for her wedding. ha ha

  12. port a potty rentals says:

    LOL….never thought in that way, i think its time to think 🙂

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