Apartment Mushrooms


Capitalist Fungus.


Why bother being green when waste is built into the very nature of the way things are? Why does SoCalGas send me a monthly Home Energy Report just to tell my I used 1 Therm more than my neighbors when they can’t tell us how many metric tons of methane they wasted?


I’m not going to work myself into another rant about the waste of all these individual satellite dishes since I’ve already covered that before. Still stupid tho.


All I want to do is point out that this building is our new winner in the Estoopid Dish category, with a whopping 15 tv dishes sprouting from its beige rotting walls. Lil’ mushrooms made of crap reality tv, novelas, morning tv “personalities”, and other caca.

What a time to be alive!

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  1. davistrain says:

    Hey, Hoss, who put a burr under your saddle blanket? Just because you don’t like TV doesn’t mean that other people don’t, and that they are “estoopid” for watching it. I have commented in various places that “The Romans had ‘bread and circuses’; modern americans have junk food and trash TV”–same idea, different media. Just for the record, we live in a direct line of sight to Mt. Wilson, and have neither cable nor satellite feeds. As far as multiple antennas are concerned, someone made a point that in apartment houses, tenants may move in and and out at various times, so it may be a lot simpler for everyone to have their own dish. And there was also a comment about the difficulty of the landlord providing a central TV feed that would please all the tenants, plus it’s one more maintenance item for the owner to worry about. Do you consider the satellite antennas to be an “eyesore”? Sounds like architectural snobbery to me. They must be there for a purpose, even if it’s only to provide entertainment to brighten the “drab, wretched” lives of the viewers.

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