Este Hogar Es Satanico


After one too many early Saturday morning interruptions by Christian haters-of-sleep, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with one of those stay away signs the Catolicos use to keep the Evangelists from tainting them with unholy thoughts about reading the bible, but modified to something a bit more blasphemous. How clever I am! But a simple google search shows lots of people are already doing the same. How average I am!

In any case, here’s some signs you can print up and hang on your door to ensure your weekend includes some much needed rest.

Check out this link for other samples on the same theme.





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3 Responses to Este Hogar Es Satanico

  1. Nombretaloca says:

    I love this!! Too many religious fogeys where I live and they knock at all hours on end.. Some heed my warning while orhers intrude out of spite..
    Oh but I love these clever signs, let me go buy some color ink! Yay!

  2. Bobby Boy says:

    When the Russellites (Jehovah’s Witnesses) call at my house, I tell them, “I belong to the Thadearkian Brotherhood and we are not allowed to talk with you folks. Good day!” I wonder if any of them remember the name of my group, go back to their local Kingdom Hall and ask the other Witnesses, “You ever hear of a Thadearkian Brotherhood?”

  3. Michael Stirling says:

    Bravo Chavo! I read your post and realized that if no one had ever invited ME to church, then I, too, could have been the sort of jerk who deliberately insults people who only wish me well. Your mother must be SO proud! Maybe you should stick to restaurant reviews.

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