Off The Grid


Near the outlet for El Chapo’s favorite shirts, a participant in the Tiny House movement gives it a go with the challenges of abstaining from creature comforts and being off the grid. He probably doesn’t even bother browsing those fine satin shirts available in the Alley, they’d just take up more space. I bet all his environmentalist friends are super jealous that dude is actually living the life, not just talking the talk.


The sun door is a nice touch, no need for wasteful bulbs. Lean and Green! The square footage on this place seems very minimal, I wonder if he will get featured on Tiny House Magazine?

Oh wait–maybe this is a homeless shelter?!? Ugh, gross, they shouldn’t let these things happen on our city streets.

But if it really is certified as a Tiny House by the movement leaders, then this is Super Awesome and we should totes be supportive. So cool.

But if it is not then we should send in the Health Dept to determine if it is safe for the poors to be living like this. So worried about their well being, prob not safe for them to live in these hazardous structures.

Can somebody please let me know how I should feel about this? KTNXBYE.


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