Ugliest Mural

I was driving down Colorado in Eagle Rock when I turned all the way around to take a pic of this mural I spotted that is easily one of the worst in recent memory. In the top 10 of the worst. Maybe top 5. At least it makes it on my list of ugliest murals. Is it the Sharpie eyebrows? Nah, prob not. Maybe the weird eyes? Yeah, maybe. Most likely its the freakishly large hands over a Mason jar full of green juice. Where is the parent to stop this kid from drinking radioactive sludge?

I hope that Tempest game behind him comes and takes him away!

Revealing Update Below!

Good God! This shit is intentional! It’s for a business selling 8oz of juice for 10 bucks.


We are a fancy, thus expensive, jugo shop. We make regular juice but sprinkle some nonsense philosophy into each container. People lap it up.

Ima bet it’s also a shitty place to work.



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  1. viva east la says:

    did you change something on the site after this post? My RSS feed stopped updating after this entry.

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    Hmm, not sure what happened. But this link should work:
    Thanks for checking in!

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