Huevos Rancheros: Grey & Cash

Another hot morning in Los Angeles, another excuse not to cook in my own kitchen. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind a plate of HR’s, maybe somewhere new even. Might I find a decent example in this era of recreational eating and themed foods? Let’s find out!

Hey, there’s a new place in Monrovia that looks promising. I’ve learned to tolerate that small town full of squares. I got used to their scrapbooking, antiques, and hobby stores awhile ago when I worked nearby, but lately they’ve been trying to update their image. Whatever, I’ll bite.

I was mostly drawn in by this menu I saw online “two over easy eggs served on a crispy corn tortilla.” In these lean times of mediocre HR’s, any reference to a crispy tortilla gets my attention. I’ll ignore the black beans and their implications.

The place seemed decent enough, even though they were going for that modern hip look that all the other places are also doing. They got bikes on the wall as decoration tho, that’s something no?

Foods up and it passes the initial gaze. Not a big fan of all the veggies on HR’s but I’m flexible. Avocado is unnecessary but I’ll eat it, I like aguacate. The side of black beans is cute but they HAVE NO FUCKING SALT SO THEY ARE INEDIBLE. What a rookie mistake, better luck next time kid. No matter, I’m here for the Huevos Rancheros and that delectable crispy tortilla underneath…

…only to discover there was no tortilla of any kind underneath. Huh? My partner suggested they might have simply forgotten to put it down, but I think this is a fundamental flaw. Would you accept a burrito if they forgot the flour tortilla wrapping? What about a sandwich that neglected to include the slices of bread around the fillings? No. Absolutely Not. This is a travesty.

I cannot continue with this HR review as this dish has been summarily disqualified for a false start offense.

Grey & Cash  626.239.2220
425 S Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016

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  1. cetlotAZ says:

    Yup, but you got augacate, eggs, unyun, bland beans AND bicycles on the wall! Such a deal!

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