Check Your Beans!

Tooth Chippers!

Just a friendly reminder to keep checking those beans for impurities, bad beans, and most importantly, hard ass rocks that will chip your teeth! Look at the size of these bad boys that were lurking in a bag of Peruano beans, they certainly mean business. I either bought them at Smart & Final or Superior, I don’t remember. I sure hope I found them all.

Speaking of which, S&F had once again run out of shopping carts but they have once again stocked a few new ones for the time being. Give it a month or two and you’ll have to lug all your stuff around like a burro. What is it about Brown bodies that makes companies think we are okay with extra labor?

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3 Responses to Check Your Beans!

  1. Chimatli says:

    We need more posts!

  2. Nick Escobedo says:

    Beans checked!

    Hello from H-Town

  3. Abe says:

    Hey! just found your post. Im from the 562 area but now in Tucson for now but been making pot of beans for the week now. Its something I take pride in recreating my sense of home back in LA now in the Southwest

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