Easter Scenes


Everyone loves a holiday, whatever it may be. Some like it for an excuse to have a bbq, others for the opportunity to make a little extra cash. I happened upon a few pics of Easter related scenery, viewable at the next click.


Since Launderland has reopened, much of the holiday themed selling now happens next door. I wish I cared about Easter, I wouldn’t mind opening up one of them baskets.


On Whittier and Soto, a bunny-suited man sits quietly, contemplating the present misery.


Having to make a buck stinks.


And somewhere in the IE, kids get homicidal on a peaceful cardboard bunny.

When will the hatred of our long-eared friends end?


Tony’s Drinking Water Paradise is turning into a grab bag store, now with bunny baskets!


An independent jobber, hauling her own load of baskets. For many in working class neighborhoods, an extra $50 can mean the difference between getting by and making do. FIN.

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2 Responses to Easter Scenes

  1. karen says:

    damn that easter bunny pinata kicks ass, especially concidering the resurection overtones…’no, resurection!, stay dead!,’. The bunny = christ right? And in the IE…all those Calvery Chapel people…do they know what they are doing to the bunny?

  2. That is a lot of bunny stuff.

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