Huevos Rancheros: Porky’s

I don’t like to follow an HR post with another HR post, it just kinda kills the imaginary flow I think this site might have, but whatever, que se le va hacer? Today I had a light list of tasks which had me over in East LA, but once I was done I was looking for a breakfast place. I was cruising around on my gentle beast looking for some place to pop out at me, to scream “try the HR’s here!” but that wasn’t to be. Instead, I saw a sign for a place called Porky’s and your mild mannered vegetarian reporter had to see what the hell was going on at this restaurant. Porky’s? Really? I am there!

Cooking pigs is wrong, that’s what I think. But cooking up famous cartoon character pigs? Ha, ha, I’m okay with that. When I used to work on Whittier many years ago, I used to avoid this place precisely for their name. It’s odd how that crude name brought me back all these years later.

In no time I had a heaping basket of tasty chips and two salsas. They were both unique and tasty, but I mostly liked the red one in the forefront with its hot chile arbol flavor mixed in with some sort of sweetness. This was a great break from the weirdly similar tasting salsas I mentioned before.

Though this picture doesn’t do it justice, I had a good spot in the restaurant in which to watch the flow of people that happened by this East LA eatery. Nobody is in this shot, but throughout this meal I saw the following:

A boy and his dad selling cookies in plastic containers.

A ruca that looked much older than her possible age, no doubt due to her life on the street and some sort of drug use, pushing along a shopping cart with her veterano looking boyfriend.

Some guy that looked tired of walking around with his pansa, thus the Lil’ Rascal motorized vehicle that doubled as legs.

A heavily tattooed cholo with tats on his bald head waiting for his pink mini-skirt wearing lady to get out of the restroom.

A suburban looking Chicano couple that seemed a bit concerned about that head-tattoed cholo hanging around.

A paisa selling cds and dvds, including the latest release titled Wall-E.

Some homies ordering Micheladas before it was even noon.

Recent Immigrants wearing their Saturday Best to go to a restaurant. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Disheveled Heavy Metal fans that seemed like throwbacks from another era, possibly coming in for a bowl of Menudo.

People on the Eastside come in a range of types.

The dish of HR’s looked as expected, I wasn’t very fond of the excess jack cheese on top. The eggs were just a bit on the hard side, but they weren’t overcooked. I was happily surprised to find they actually put a real fried tortilla underneath the eggs, not some “just dipped in oil” excuse, but an actual fried tortilla. How sad to find that a rarity.The sauce was mostly tomato based and despite the bell peppers, it lacked any chile hints. It was okay but there’s lots of room for improvement. Nonetheless, I was enjoying this breakfast meal, just for the appearance of a proper tortilla underneath. The beans had the unfortunate taste of lard, but I guess I should have expected that from a place called Porky’s. The rice was quite good.

The food was decent, the ambiance was exceptional!

Porky’s 323.261.5532
4560 Whittier Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90022

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10 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Porky’s

  1. Hey that pig looks so happy be cooked don’t he? =)

  2. I people watch when I eat too. If I’m eating alone or with someone it’s one thing i can’t help but always do. There’s nothing like eating some good food and noticing what other people are wearing or doing.

  3. When I have meals by myself (almost always), I intend to read, but being near people just forces me to observe them. Humans are fascinating, especially when strangers smile at me. I’m working on getting that chulita to smile at me… All in due time.

    Ese puerco no está más felíz que este puerco.

  4. soledadenmasa

    oh dam thats a good one! lol

  5. rolo says:

    hey. what ever happened to glorias restaurant? i love their tortillas and since i read ur review, me and my girl would go all the time. A few weeks ago we decided to go and found the place closed, we had to settle for pupusas. =?

  6. Elyery says:

    The original Glorias restaurant is still open here in Huntington Park.

  7. rolo says:

    I dunno bout going all the way to HP, i like the one in LH, it feels like a little “Cenaduria” in Mexico, very similar to one i used to frequent.

  8. tin says:

    hey vato vegetariano, where’s your HR recipe? i want to try out a recipe from the best. peace.

  9. porky's eater #1 says:

    Whenever I feel like eating a good meal I think about porky’s. It doesn’t matter if is breakfast, lunch or dinner there is a big variety in the menu. My favorite plate is birria, and the best thing of all is that you don’t have to wait a long period of time to recieve your meal. I truly recomend this place, it is a classic restaurant that has been serving food with the same chef for more than 20 years, deffinately it is place to satify your hunger if you happen to be around East L.A.

  10. Bubbles says:

    I’ve driven by for years and saw the ad for Posole de pollo. I finally went in to try it and was disappointed. They boil the chicken for other items and make the posole to order in a small pan~it doesn’t all simmer together to make a good posole flavor. Also, the chicken is left on the bone so it is hard to eat. the place was nice and clean and I will probably go back to try some other dishes.

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