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Here at CHANFLES! we don’t pretend to bring you late breaking news and we often fail at even mentioning old but relevant news. Some blogs try to be like newspapers, especially now that the newspapers are dropping the ball on the news, but that’s not our angle. (C’mon now, lets not allow this format to denigrate into simple news gathering, okay?) Instead, we focus on delivering a hot slice of the quotidian like nobody else can deliver: absurd, useless, typical, inane, and utterly common tidbits about daily life in a neighborhood of average working people. You may not find any meaning in it, but someday (I’m sure of it) digital archaeologists will be scouring the vast pools of ancient hard drives trying to excavate some sense of daily life back in the 21st century, some record about the majority of inhabitants in the city of Los Angeles that happened to live their lives out of the noticeable spotlights of the major industries. You know, all those minor characters that just happened to play an insignificant role in the ALL IMPORTANT NARRATIVE SOMEONE ELSE WILL DECIDE IS THE STORY OF LOS ANGELES. Shit, all they did was bring you your plate, pick up your crap, move your stuff from here to there, raise your kids; you know, stuff you could do if you were one of the lesser beings and had time to deal with those common human tasks. But glory only goes to those that aim for glory. The history of this era will be written, as always, by the ones in power or those closely associated to that mechanism of so-called meaning. Those mofos have a secret lock on worthiness, I’m telling you. Only they know how to turn a teen-pregnancy into a rally cry for a vice-president.

Despite that sad understanding of the world around us, and painfully aware that glory will be ours 500 years from now (give or take a century), sometimes the crew here at CHANFLES! does happen upon news in the making, breakthrough stuff that could be classified as “exclusive”. Like for instance, this action shot of a colchonero revealing a secret colchon moving strategy of using balconies instead of the hard slog up those cramped stairs. Oye, compa, you might want to help your pal with the mattress instead of smiling for the camera, que no? Still, we appreciate your gracious spirit, all power be to thee.

That’s your action shot! Film at 11. (Give or take.)

(PS. By “crew” and “we” I mean only me. CHANFLES! is still trying to find the marketing strategy where one fool “mouthing off” without any ads still pays off big time.)

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10 Responses to Action Shot!

  1. chimatli says:

    Nice mix of words and thoughts!
    The smiling colchonero looks like he has superman power.

  2. I lived in a second story apartment with a balcony and always had fun getting rid of our old sofas by pushing them out the door and balcony simultaneously. They’d land right outside our garage and we’d take them down with axes.

    The smiling colchonero reminds me of pictures my dad has of his jobs. There is always at least one compañero who turns to the camera and smiles while he’s doing something, whether it’s pruning a branch, lifting boxes, or using a blowtorch in a shop. I love these photos.

  3. don quixote says:

    Nice to see an old Lincoln Hts building that still has some semblance of it’s original architectural integrety. Even though the colors are far from original the fact that someone hasn’t plastered over the wood exterior with cheap ass plaster makes my heart feel good.

  4. nonymus says:

    What a fantastic essay. You’re chipping away at the walls.

  5. pitbullgirl says:

    I love this blog for all the slices of the everyday life that you give us. A man moving a mattress over a balcony is way more interesting to me than what Lindsey Lohan did today or any other drivel things like TMZ try to feed us.

    I once saw a man on a bike moving a full-size mattress. By himself, and holding it with one arm no less. It was a stunning reminder of will and resourcefulness (and why it’s important to take your camera with you when you go out on a walk!)

  6. Chely says:

    Ay! The one time I come to Chanfles for one of his gastronomic dissertations, he’s yapping about his… hmm… new tempurpedic? (kidding, I read it)

    When you get a moment can you recommend a place near Nokia/Staples, nothing fancy just a quick bite before the show. If it’s good, I’ll have my husband help you move your tempupedic when you finally get a place in west L.A 😉

  7. mooncrazy says:

    Does he have a beverage in his hand? What happens after you snapped the photo? He couldn’t lean down and place his soda on the floor, now could he? Does he just let the mattress fall? This photo is so enigmatic; I love it.

  8. Jesus Quiroz says:

    Reason #35 for not owning a two-story house: furniture hauling.

  9. tin says:

    pos si, i see the punto. i am sure “digital archeologist” will appreciate your huevos rancheros and other delicious recepies. i tried making tortillas de arina, but they came a little tiesas. i need to get my mom to watch over me. and re the news on blogs, i post them cuz i don’t see this being anywhere else, and i get so upset about what happens in the world. but that’s why i come to your blog, to see the positive of life and get inspired to eat some good food.

  10. rolo says:

    digital archeologist wont understand why you spent your life talking bout huevos rancheros and even worst, all these fools reading all of the postings and leaving comments.

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