Scenes From A Moving Vehicle

I seem to find myself within the Personal Armored Space of an automobile quite often nowadays, I suspect that the sinister plot of the work week might have something to do with this predicament. And though I’d rather be walking, biking, and snapping photos up and down the “grittiest urban settings” of my fair Lincoln Heights (side note to that link: fuck your fake Eastside!) I’ve decided to just go with the flow and allow my camera access to the car world around us. Car based photos tend to be quite bad by their very nature but they can still capture some sense of the reality we experience in our daily lives. Much can happen getting from one place to another. Moments of truth, seconds of the surreal, it all takes place.

I was thinking of writing something for those car transport haters, something to put things into context, but I can’t be bothered at the moment. Without further ado, click ahead for a gang of pics from a vehicle!

Take for example this muffler head: I could have parked, walked to the building, and snapped a pic. But the likelihood of that is quite low, might as well get the shitty shot I can. Hmm, maybe that’s a bad example.

Love and Rage from a motorcyclist on the Pasadena Fwy.

Gas prices must be rough when yer asking your daughter to drive you to work on her electric toy vehicle. I hope you don’t make her pick you up as well, that would be mean.

A snap from last years Parking Day LA, located on Figueroa near Ave 26. I think they should have chosen the empty spot just to the left of this pic rather than being next to the gas station exit and right in front of the bus stop, that just seemed needlessly dangerous.

A man pushes his possessions to a new spot.

Woman with elote in hand.

Back in 2006 I captured this image on the 10 of a truck advertising their anti-pest service. The name of the company? La Cucaracha!

A few months ago, I ran into this truck again, near the LH post office. So we meet on the road again, eh Mr. Cuca?

Crashy, crashy. Smashy, smashy. Defensive driving, learn it fools!


Smiling kid with a bike frame on his bike. A few years and some ago and that could have been me.

The Saddest Candy Apple Seller In The World. Maybe more business in 2009 will cheer him up, assuming the newcomers don’t steal his spot.

The Happiest Wheels In The World.

Did you know that LA’s Bakery was in San Gabriel? Now you do.

A pair of sneakers await a new owner. I thought this was a good catch but LA Taco has an even better freeway find, a tomato plant!

I do ride the bus sometimes, but I’m usually standing in the center aisle holding on so as to not fall. Here you find a rare scene where I have a seat and some action on the street: the washing of a jewelery sign.

Dude, it’s not that hard: share the road!

New but already thriving taco business outside of “Jew Ahns”. A hat tip to Mr. Paul Petard for the proper pronunciation.

A crosswalk lady that prefers not to help kids cross the street. Now that’s special.

I’m glad to see that the loaded down trucks also like to pass through the “nice” neighborhoods. I was hoping this tower of steel would collapse on one of those pristine lawns tended to by those similar trucks full of garden equipment. Here’s an idea: how about you lower your “carbon footprint” by doing some heavy work of your own? Do that regularly and you might also save some money on your needless “health club” membership. Only the rich could find a way to spend money just for the luxury of moving in place. How’s that for backwards?

El Sereno Car Wash. I don’t think anyone died for this one.

“Hey, don’t take my picture, I don’t want attention.” Oh yeah? Then why are you wearing mismatched shoes? Caught you fool!

Glass row monsters.

Yet another accident. This one seemed serious.

The line for semi-free morning tamales: you have to put up with some Christians blasting spiritual messages over a megaphone about some dead dude that will save you from yourself. I don’t think the free breakfast is worth the cost. Even worse, after this they’re gonna have to deal with some annoyed shoppers that hate the offer of help. Oh gringos, you’ll never be satisfied.

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6 Responses to Scenes From A Moving Vehicle

  1. chimatli says:

    Nice post! But I wonder who is driving while you take these great shots?

  2. Chely says:

    The ‘In Loving Memory’ car washes are the worst! The suds are all mirky, you can’t really complain because their primo just died and their tia’s standing right there. I don’t know why I even bother.

  3. Great shots of buildings…my favorite shot the “Saddest Candy Apple Seller In The World”. So much there.

  4. Dona Junta says:

    Nice driving shots for sure! Love the loaded trocka of course keep em coming!

  5. pitbullgirl says:


    It’s always a treat to see an adult so shameless that they will ride in their child’s battery operated jeep! And I agree with your comment about people who don’t do their own yard work but pay for gym memberships.

  6. rolo says:

    jabba the hutt should be helping kids cross the street instead of just sitting there

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