Huevos Rancheros: Tere’s Mexican Grill

I haven’t had much luck finding decent Huevos Rancheros west of the LA river, but that’s not for lack of trying. A friend told me this place wasn’t very good, mostly blandish Mexican food that the studio people seem to think is awesomely authentic. But it gets great reviews, it can’t be that bad, can it? Well I had a chance to check it out, let’s see what all the fuss is about. Onwards!

The place was quite packed for a Friday at 2:30. They also have a wall cluttered with an odd assortment of souvenirs, many of them Mexican-ish but also a bull fight poster from Barcelona (pfft) and a picture of a Tabasco bottle (yuck). There’s a salsa bar over by that left corner.

The chips, which cost an extra dollar if you want ’em, were warm and quite tasty, a perfect way to take off the hunger edge. The tomatillo/avocado salsa was kinda sweet, almost as if they added sugar to the mix. The red tomato salsa had hotness but lacked any body and real flavor. Still, not too bad, since I’ll be having my dish soon. Or so I thought. My friend had the fideo soup (which was quite good) and was eating away, but after 10 minutes without my HR’s it was time to get up and ask que pasa. “Que pasa?” Oh, we thought you wanted the soup first then the HR’s, we’ll get on it. About another 10 minutes later I get up to ask again “Que paso con los huevos?” Ya vienen. I guess somebody made a mistake somewhere and didn’t place the order even if they tried to play it off as something else. It happens.

I waited an extra 20 minutes for this? What a visual let down. The eggs were way overcooked (that’s a no, no!) and they weren’t topped with a salsa ranchera, more like some pico de gallo they sauteed in a bit of oil, the onions were almost caramelized. What a shame. Oh yeah, they also didn’t put any tortillas underneath the eggs! What a disaster.

They give you a side of “homemade” tortillas, which are okay but they taste like something you can make at home using a sack of Maseca instead of actual masa. They make their own tortillas and can’t figure out the basic elements of a popular Mexican breakfast dish? WTF, are you all from South America or something? I tried to salvage my dish by placing one of them under the overcooked eggs and dumping some of that salsa roja on top. It certainly helped to abate my hunger, but my HR cravings were thoroughly disappointed. At $6.50 this was not a value dish nor was it a worthwhile splurge. Oddly, most of the reviews on Yelp and other sites note the budget prices and “authentic” flavors, neither of which I experienced when I was there. I suppose when you’re used to the pricey and crappy food at El Coyote or Lucy’s El Adobo this plain fare must seem like the real deal. Lesson learned: don’t trust what you read online, even if that includes doubting my stupid reviews. A critical eye and your own preferences should be the foundation of your opinions. Cuz really, that’s all that matters.

Maybe the rest of the menu is awesome (I have my doubts) but these bland and amateurish HR’s are not worth the time, money, nor the waste of a good eating opportunity. Next!

Tere’s Mexican Grill 323.468.9345
5870 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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12 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Tere’s Mexican Grill

  1. don quixote says:

    Chavo, with gas as expensive as it is why would you believe that you could get anything but la gringada at a “Mexican” eatery on Melrose?
    The photo of your HR plate is pathetic and paltry looking. It has kind of ruined my appetite this AM and now I’m going to have to knock down a shot of good Tequila to get it back. Por favor no more photos of this kind of comida falsa. A Huevo!
    Pero que le hace! You experienced the “Melrose Scene” while there no doubt, but you should have gone to Cantor’s for the scrambled eggs and salmon lox instead.

  2. urban memo says:

    I like Teres. Its my favorite Mexican place in Hollywood.

    I haven’t eaten there in two years. But at that time, yes they did have some Salvadorenos working there.

    Do you know if they have manteca? I didn’t know people put manteca in beans back then so I never asked about it.

    (For those not in the know, I grew up in a manteca free household.)

  3. EL CHAVO! says:

    Sometimes, against my own wishes, I have to cross the river to appease that dreaded monster called work. Still, it wasn’t as bad as this joke of a plate:

    I’m pretty sure they don’t use lard, at least based on flavor. Even though I’m vegetarian I still don’t usually ask cuz then I’d have to ask about chicken stock in the rice and that just gets way too complicated for me. But judging by the menu, it’s safe to say they don’t use the dreaded manteca.

  4. don quixote says:

    Con Safos Chavo! After viewing this new photo of comida falsa aka huevos ranchero’s I’m going to have knock back two shots of tequila to get my apetite on Sunday AM.
    This latest photo of yours is Huevos Rancheros like a pig with lipstick on.

  5. We entertained the idea of eating here tonight, but frankly, it stunk!

    The apartment complex across the street had just fertilized their lawn and it smelled like manure!!!

    I guess it saved me from a nasty meal!?!?!

  6. Santiago says:

    Pongase buso mano…parece que el “cook” era Venezuelano o de Tonga. What a shame! All that was needed was a Frankfurter on the side. Los frijoles se ven aguados y el arroz generico. Buena suerte la proxima Chavo.

  7. Texano78704 says:

    Here’s an easy solution for you. Head east about 800 miles to El Paso and pull into the first Mexican restaurant you see. ¡Órale!

  8. chimatli says:

    I can’t stop calling this place Tere-bles! Oh, and I want to add an -ish to end of the word “Mexican” on their sign.

  9. Juanito says:

    i have had their ceviche..pretty damn different but really good. i got a homie who eats there 3x a week. he is a down as chicano but i really think its cause its close to him.

  10. DMONEY says:

    I would never let an enchilada go to waste on my plate. EVER.

    Tere’s made that happen. Thanks Tere’s. Thanks.

    I cannot remember the exact date and time of the “event” due to PTSD (Post Tere’s Stress Disorder), but it went down in my book “As a date which will live in infamy”. All I ever knew and wanted to know was shattered into a million salty tears…which tasted better than the “salty corn shards” they so oblige you with.

    Tere’s food is tastelessly bland, boringly tiresome and reprehensibly incomprehensible. In my 25 years of life I have never….

    Let me just say, this “place” showed me a dark world, so dark that I wish my fellow countryman never, ever, ever, experience the shame and humiliation brought upon my name and my families name.

    Lastly, I would like to thank mi amigo Brian for his support over the last few years. Without his unwavering guidance and kind sentiments I may not be here today. He was there for that damned meal and too was scared. FYI writing about this is good Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


  11. EL CHAVO! says:

    ^^ Ha Ha! Now that’s a better review than mine! Thanks DMONEY!

  12. chimatli says:

    DMONEY, one of the best restaurant review ever!!!

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