Some people need attention. It’s as if life doesn’t happen unless you get recognized by other people, their flashing cameras, inquiring microphones, or video footage. Be they musicians, artists, writers, bloggers, reporters, actors, personalities, gardeners, cooks, or whatever, some of these folks give off that sense that they feel inadequate unless others are minding their moves. That must be a sad state of affairs, always waiting for the social gaze to validate your existence, someone to finally acknowledge your tepid contribution to that massive dump of public input. Many move to Los Angeles precisely to get closer to those that wield the beaming spotlights, hoping to achieve focus in somebody’s frame. Lastima.

As a person born and raised in that other Los Angeles, accustomed to the glance of indifference but still annoyed by the occasional glare of disgust, I’m certainly aware of my role in this city, and wanting to be in front of cameras is not part of my reality. Thus I find it highly entertaining when I happen upon some of these media hungry specimens, it’s like inadvertently driving into a human zoo! I happened to catch one of these media beings on camera recently, click ahead to make the guy feel good about himself!

I started taking pics of this Dude mostly because of his annoying look-at-me style of bus bench sitting, and only when I got closer did I notice the camera crew visible in this pic. Lame sitter quickly became lamer media-dude-taking-up-a-bus-bench.

Dude is pointing to his wrist, asking me “what time is it?” What kinda stupid question is that?

Stupid questions demand stupid answers. “Time to get a watch!” Dipping into that old Jr. High vault of witty responses. Works for me. Good luck with that casual sitting technique!

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6 Responses to Attention

  1. Santiago says:

    “what time is it?”

    CHAVO- I woulda’ said. . .
    Time to make like horse sh!t and hit the trail.

  2. Looks like he needed some change and was looking for change. You should have given him the change he so desired by throwing something at him.

  3. rolo says:

    what a fkn dumbass, look at his face lol

  4. Jesus Quiroz says:

    That guy is lame. But enough about him.
    Did you know that I’m into drumming and one of my favorite drummers is Omar Hakim; I enjoy the outdoors; I think the best Al Pacino movie is Dog Day Afternoon; etc……..

  5. cindylu says:

    Maybe he’s a middle child. That’s my excuse.

    I will say I don’t care to be filmed, not even as a kid.

  6. pitbullgirl says:

    Hahaha! Time to get a watch!

    Like he would even ride the bus. If he did, he would be all “look at me, I’m riding the bus, I’m soooo slumming it!”

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